Advanced Wireless Broadband Access for Home and Enterprise Users

WiBAS™-Connect, the most compact and lightweight microwave radio in the market, is the latest addition to the range of all-outdoor Terminal Station radios. With high capacity, advanced networking features, low power consumption and leading Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) radio technology, it offers high-quality broadband access connectivity to SMEs and premium residential customers.

WiBAS™-Connect employs improved modem technology that enables higher channel bandwidth utilization and denser PtMP networks.

WiBAS G5 Connect Plus front view


  • State-of-the-art IP connectivity in zero-footprint installations.
  • Ideal for low-CapEx broadband radio access deployments in rural areas.
  • Interoperable with WiBAS™ OSDR - existing network investment is 100% reused.
  • Maximum 1 Gbit/s sector Ethernet capacity (1024-QAM / 56 MHz).
  • Up to 500 Mbit/s Ethernet capacity (aggregate) per terminal
  • 56 MHz radio channel per end point.
  • Less than 3.5 Kg (radio and antenna)
  • Operation at area-licensed frequencies:
    • 10.5 / 26 / 28 GHz
  • Slim form-factor radio unit that can be equipped with a 30 cm or 60 cm parabolic antenna.
  • Range extending to 10 km.
Wibas Connect diagram

Residential Access

Residential broadband access concerns customers mostly engaging in Internet browsing and basic content downloading, and customers that require more advanced offerings, with high capacity and high-quality services that support video streaming or VoIP telephony.

Residential broadband access concerns also a market that is price sensitive as far as the CPE price is concerned. High performance is the priority in this market. Wireless ISPs (WISPs) that plan to deploy wireless broadband networks for their customers in attractive monthly packages need to select equipment vendors that will provide low CapEx solutions and generate profitable investments.

The use of WiBAS™-Connect Terminal Stations in WiBAS system perfectly fits all the above market requirements.

WiBAS™-Connect Terminal Stations operate in licensed bands (10.5, 26 and 28 GHz) guaranteeing QoS and, along with its very small size, appealing design and very low power consumption offers extremely-reliable broadband access connectivity to SMEs and residential customers in urban and also in the underserved rural areas.

WiBAS™-Connect allows up to 120 CPE devices to be registered in the same sector sharing more than half a Gigabit of downlink capacity per sector, without needing hardware upgrades at the hub. It can also support 1024-QAM modulation in a hitless adaptive mode to guarantee uninterrupted service to the customer.

WiBAS™-Connect delivers state-of-the-art IP connectivity with zero-footprint installations at service locations requiring cost-effective and rapidly-implemented broadband access networks. These features make WiBAS™-Connect Terminal Stations an obvious choice for an aesthetically-appealing design that can fully support advanced quality of service and highest capacity for wireless residential broadband services.