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Telephone companies and service providers around the globe realize that offering basic connectivity services is not adequate for retaining their customer base and effectively competing in the broadband arena. They need to evolve into value-added service providers in order to revamp the declining Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Bundling high-speed data with voice services can help operators offer an alternative to the cable & satellite-dominated home & video entertainment market.

In response to this challenge, INTRACOM TELECOM offers fs|cdn™ Anywhere(Full Service Content Delivery Network), its own-developed and future-proof IPTV & multi-play services platform. With fs|cdn™ Anywhere, service providers are enabled to bundle video with existing data and telephony services for making available a complete portfolio of value-added service packages over any broadband, IP-enabled network.

The fs|cdn™ Anywhere solution incorporates everything required for the acquisition, encryption, distribution and reception of digital content, starting from the video encoders and content encryption modules, going all the way toward the IP Set-Top-Boxes and Interactive Service Guide (ISG), which enable subscribers to have access to a plethora of interesting services.

A wealth of management tools and back-office interfaces are also included, supported by essential consulting (business and technical) and customization services, for successfully realizing total IPTV and multi-play service offerings.

In addition to the aforementioned list of modules, components and services, INTRACOM TELECOM owns, develops, and continuously enhances the:

  • Middleware & Content Services platform
  • Conditional Access / Content Protection
  • Service Management modules
  • Suite of interactive applications

The total offering is complemented with encoders, Video on Demand (VoD) servers and Set-Top-Boxes manufactured by strategic third-party partners, all tightly integrated by INTRACOM TELECOM as part of a turnkey project.

As content protection and security is considered to be of utmost importance in the delivery of valuable digital content assets, INTRACOM TELECOM's Conditional Access has been audited by two independent security expert organizations and found to be robust against hacking. Such certifications have allowed operators, who have deployed the INTRACOM TELECOM solution, to execute agreements with content providers and networks, like Walt Disney, HBO, NBC, Warner Bros, etc., for securely delivering their content over the fs|cdn™ Anywhere IPTV network.

The most important characteristics of the fs|cdn™ Anywhere platform are listed below:

Full customization & localization capabilities

With minor re-engineering and development, fs|cdn™ Anywhere can quickly adapt to operator's specific needs and requirements. Its customizable user interface opens up new revenue opportunities through co-branding and personalization, aiming at serving the local market needs.

Scalable & cost-effective offering

fs|cdn™ Anywhere is a fully-scalable, future-proof solution, allowing service providers to build their IPTV delivery network according to their initial needs, and gradually expanding it on a pay-as you grow model.

Integrated end-to-end solution

fs|cdn™ Anywhere incorporates everything required for delivering IPTV and multi-play services. The inherent capabilities for centralized monitoring and management of the fs|cdn™ Anywhere elements, content assets and system users, enable operators to control all parameters from a single unified interface. The total offering is coupled with outstanding business and technical services.

Open-concept platform

The openness of fs|cdn™ Anywhere allows to seamlessly integrate IPTV and value-added interactive services into the operator's back-office OSS / BSS and external Over-The-Top (OTT) content systems, through a rich set of available APIs.

The fs|cdn™ Anywhere end-to-end IPTV & multi-play services platform incorporates all the components required for the reception, protection, distribution and consumption of digital content over a scalable, fully distributed architecture:

fs|cdn platform

Evolving product cycle & in-house expertise

In response to the demanding and fast-moving market, fs|cdn™ Anywhere continuously introduces new features and functionality.

Components matrix

Component Use
Video Head-end The Video Head-end is responsible for receiving and processing the video content to be delivered to the fs|cdn™ Anywhere subscribers. Through the Conditional Access (CA) system, the fs|cdn™ scramblers encrypt the video stream for secure transmission over the core and access networks. fs|cdn™ has proven interoperability with multiple video head-end vendors, including Tandberg / Ericsson, Harmonic and Motorola.
Content Distribution Edge Network The Content Distribution Edge Network handles end-user interaction, carries out the authentication and authorization of subscribers in real time, and also handles the delivery of content provided by the fs|cdn™ Anywhere Edge Servers. The latter can be located at the Central Office, in centralized deployment scenarios, or at multiple Points of Presence (PoPs), when adopting a distributed architecture. The Video (VoD) servers, from partners including Motorola, Anevia and others, may be located at the PoPs to enhance the viewing experience during VoD streaming sessions and optimize network load.
Customer Premises Network CPEs and ISG constitute the hardware and software components respectively, which are required at the subscriber premises for accessing the available content services. Set Top Boxes from several selected partners are fully integrated with fs|cdn™ Anywhere Conditional Access & Middleware, including products from Amino, Cisco, Entone, Wegener and many others. Products from other STB vendors may also be integrated, always considering the quality and performance of their products, as well as customer input and specific needs.
Integrated Management Platform The Integrated Management Platform allows for monitoring and managing all fs|cdn™ Anywhere system components, content assets and users, enabling operators to control all the system parameters from a single, unified interface.

The Interactive Services Guide (ISG), which is available to the fs|cdn™ Anywhere subscribers, facilitates the navigation through a plethora of interactive services. ISG provides a comprehensive, personalized presentation of the available services on all supported terminals. End-users are able to subscribe to new services, view their billing status, preview offerings and interact with the system through an intuitive, user-friendly environment.

The services supported by the fs|cdn™ Anywhere platform include:

Integrated Telephony Services

  • Caller-ID display on TV
  • Call history (missed / dialed / received)
  • Phone directory on TV
  • Unified messaging (voice mail, e-mail, chatting / messaging on TV)

Entertainment / Video Services

  • Broadcast digital TV & radio
  • TV information overlay
  • Video and music on-demand
  • Pay-per-view & Pay-per-block events
  • Personal Video Recording (PVR) & time-shifted TV
  • Parental control features
  • Favorite channel bookmarking & layout customization / personalization – multi-language support
  • Advanced search on video programs (broadcast & on-demand) based on title, actor, category and other criteria

Data Services

  • Content services from collaborating providers.
  • Emergency alert and promotional messaging.
  • Interactive applications:
    • Online, unified billing information
    • Subscriber self-care (personalization, subscription, billing)
    • Online browsing and subscription to individual content packages
  • Presence notification for multi-play services (chatting, telephony)
  • T-Commerce
  • Enhanced TV applications