Monetize the IoT potential!

NGINius-Charging™ for IoT  Diagram

Internet of Things is a revolutionary and fast growing technology embracing a wide range of domains including Logistics, Transportation, Retail, Utilities, Healthcare and Security. It provides all the means to capture an event (e.g. temperature, inventory level, etc.) generated by remote end-points (e.g. meter, vehicle, pump etc.) and relay it through the network to a managing application (e.g. Parking Management).

The IoT potential lies with its prospect of enabling new business models and draw upon new revenue streams through the monetization of vertical & horizontal applications as well as the effective management of an ever expanding value chain. Emerging IoT industry creates a major disruption for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) but it also provides them with a unique opportunity to transform into Digital Services Providers (DSPs) rather than providing solely connectivity services. CSPs possess all the assets, capabilities and experience to assert a key role in the end-to-end IoT service offering.

NGINius-Charging™ for IoT is an innovative, flexible and cost-effective solution addressing end-to-end the IoT monetization challenges:

  • Flexible pricing of processed IoT data and IoT applications' features
  • Expansion & effective maintenance of the IoT supply chain
  • Revenue sharing and SLA allocation to various partners
  • Generation and seamless induction of new revenue streams
  • Attracting the promising SMEs market through competitive offerings
  • Updating existing billing/infrastructure in a cost effective way (e.g. passing only summaries of IoT transactions per billable account )

NGINius-Charging™ for IoT is capable of supporting diverged services, enabling cross-product offerings and management of IoT oriented tariff plans based on combination of multiple traditional and innovative metrics.

Key differentiators

  • End-to-end Revenue Management for the entire IoT ecosystem including "Smart Cities".
  • Smart monetization of diverged vertical & horizontal IoT applications through innovative, dynamic pricing.
  • Manage effectively all B2B, B2C and B2B2x models.
  • Billing-On-Behalf-Of capability.
  • Complex yet flexible Partner Management and partner policies including support for revenue sharing.
  • Smooth integration with the existing operating environment and any existing IoT platform(s).

Technical Overview

  • Enables flexible, domain-specific IoT oriented pricing models (e.g., criteria based flat rate, pay-per-use) combining diverged metrics (e.g. volume, location, customer profile, application features)
  • Supports real-time credit control from customer down to the device level
  • Provides multi-tenancy to accommodate all B2B2x models
  • Exposes a rich API
Functional Area Capabilities
Rating & Charging
  • Definition & management of Tariff Plans that comprise multiple and diverged yet domain specific metrics
  • Support for application features based charging
  • Real-time credit control with usage threshold-based notifications & recharge capabilities
  • Support for bundles for cross-product offerings bundling IoT and non IoT services (e.g. Fleet Management, Smart Parking, Telephony)
  • Invoicing (optionally). It may be also integrated with external invoicing systems.
IoT Partner Management
  • Model any number of Partners
  • Support for complex commissioning & revenue sharing schemes
  • Allocate SLA across the supply/value chain
  • Support for multiple settlement cycles
  • Offer self care facilities to partners
  • Generate detailed performance reporting per Partner and Customer down to the product and device levels
Account Profile & Subscription Management
  • Define & maintain customer profiles and subscriptions
  • Manage all B2B2x supply models
  • Support wallets of committed usage for a configurable period length
  • Provide customers with behavior-driven rewards
  • Expose rich API for integration with external systems (e.g. SIM Mgt, Self Care tools)
  • Single O&M point with user/access management and logging/auditing capabilities
IoT Product Catalogue
  • Flexible definition & lifecycle management of IoT Services/Products and custom offerings
  • Management & generation of various IoT oriented recurring and non-recurring fees
  • Smooth introduction of new verticals to enrich portfolio
  • Rich API for integration with external systems (e.g. CRM)

Depending on the needs, NGINius-Charging™ for IoT can offer the following add-on modules:

  • IoT Portal
  • Order Management
  • Provisioning
  • Policy Management
  • IoT Gateway / APIs Exposure