Field Services

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Field Services

Organizations & corporations with geographically-dispersed infrastructures need to ensure their smooth, continuous and cost-effective operation.

Deploying internal teams, or managing external sub-contractors to undertake field installation, operation, or systems support, proves to be costly and inefficient.

Assigning field services to a partner with proven experience, capable to offer country-wide coverage, is a key factor for assured consistent results.

INTRACOM TELECOM responds with a vast successful track record, a deep know-how, a strong team of experienced personnel and a well-structured organization, to deliver customer satisfaction and trust.


  • Significant cost savings and risk-free results.
  • Minimized downtime and more satisfied users due to fast and direct response.
  • Maximized system performance for getting most out the of infrastructure value.
  • Harnessing all technology burdens to allow customers focus on core business and not on field support expenses

INTRACOM TELECOM offers a complete portfolio of field services aiming at IT systems, telecommunications networks, terminals, electromechanical & cabling infrastructures, etc., satisfying even the most demanding customer:

  • Round-the-clock (24X7) services delivery.
  • Highest quality and professionalism, full commitment to customer's expectations.
  • High specialization.
  • Fast response & system restoration ability.

The Field Services from INTRACOM TELECOM are targeted to organizations wishing to rollout, operate and maintain IT systems, telecommunications networks, terminals, or electromechanical & cabling infrastructures. An indicative list of such organizations includes:

  • Telco service providers.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Utility companies.
  • Retail chains.
  • Systems & services contractors.