AMI Turn Key Solutions

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution comprises of systems that measure, collect and analyze energy (and gas/ water usage). AMI solution starts from smart electricity meters (or gas, water meters respectively), passes through various communication media towards Central Telemetry Data Center, reaches to AMM/MDM (Advanced Meter Management /Meter Data Management) software and includes the integration of such applications with existing Utilities back-office (Revenue Management, CRM and others).

AMI turn key solutions diagram

Utilities (digital) transformation embraces modernization of a series of systems and processes with ultimate target the meter-to-cash approach and the omni-channel customer experience. This is a long and resourceful operation which may require, at least for some time, co-existence of both legacy and smart infrastructure.

Intracom Telecom has long experience and expertise in delivering complex projects for Telecom and Energy sectors, proven ability to execute and a wide of range of best of breed technological partners which help deliver various end-to-end turn key solutions.

Intracom Telecom integration capabilities provide operational streamlining, end-to-end process management and seamless communication for all of the above-mentioned solution components helping Utility companies smoothly and cost-effectively mutate into a success-driven organization.

Intracom Telecom's AMI offering is comprised of:

Smart Meters

Smart Meters Image

Intracom Telecom selects and supplies the appropriate smart meters for Utility, Municipality or Netmetering needs after studying specific customer requirements.

Basic or Optional smart meter features may include (non-exhaustive list):

  • Metering Voltage and Current, incoming or outgoing energy , active or re-active
  • Energy registers and profiles recording even for very short integration period
  • Applying different tariffs
  • Remote disconnect/connect and Load limitation
  • Integrated relay output to provide on/off switching capability to individual customer circuits
  • Tampering event logging
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Meter health monitoring
  • Remote meter configuration and firmware upgrade
  • Communication module with external In-Home-Display for providing energy information to end user at home
  • Supporting DLMS/COSEM or other appropriate communication protocol with Central Telemetering Center

Telemetering Software (AMM, MDM)

Telemetering software solution includes:

  • The AMM (Advanced Meter Management) system for controlling two-way communication with meters, collecting metering data and managing metering software upgrade and configuration
  • The MDM (Meter Data Management) system for metering data manipulation, validation and estimation, and is enhanced with reporting and analytical tools that enable interaction with other information systems ( CRM, Billing e.t.c )
  • Databases for AMM, MDM
  • Customer portals for End-user Awareness
  • Integration and customization of AMM/MDM software with the rest of Data Centre/Utility applications (CRM, Billing e.t.c )

Advanced Meter Management software application includes and manages among others:

  • Communication Modules with meters regardless of underlying technology ( Mobile, PLC, RF mesh or other )
  • Data Collection of metering data like Registers, Energy Curves, Log Files, Meter Health Data
  • Demand Management and Load Limiting functions
  • Messaging to In-Home Display
  • Operational Level tasks and statistics including System Time Synchronization, Activity Scheduling and monitoring, Meter configuration and Meter Firmware upgrade, Communication Network performance Metrics, Alarms and Events Analysis

Meter Data Management software application includes and manages among others:

  • Metering Data Validation, Editing and Estimation ( VEE )
  • Relationship management between meter and customer, meter and Substation, meter and Utility administrative domain
  • Meter spatial Location management
  • Data Exchange with Utility Back-office Applications, Customer Portals or external Energy stake Holders
  • Metering Data Analysis including Service Level Agreement ( SLA ) metrics, Aggregated Meters consumption comparison with distribution transformer measurements ( balancing ) , Historical Analysis and Comparisons, Measures of Consumption KW, KVar, Voltage as well as Various types of static or dynamic Reports

Big Streamer for Utilities

The introduction of AMI has lead to a manifold increase in the amount of data utilities gather and process compared to the past. Contemporary estimations expect that by 2022 the electric utility industry will be swamped by more than 2 PBs/year just from smart meters, inevitably necessitating the introduction of Big Data solutions in the ecosystem. By employing Big Data Analytics, utilities get more value from data, extracting actionable events that facilitate operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, manage risks and increase financial benefits.

Based on its BigStreamer™ platform, Intracom Telecom is offering a unique big data management and analytics solution that complements the afore-described AMI solution and facilitates utilities harness the merits stemming from voluminous data collections. Indicative applications include detection of energy theft, intelligent customer segmentation, consumption behavior modeling, forecasting and visualizations.

Utility Operation Technology (OT) Security Solutions

OT security solutions provide:

  • Defense in-Depth approach: Multi layer security approach is intended to provide redundancy in the event a security control fails or a vulnerability is exploited.
  • End-to-end security from smart meter up to Telemetry Center back- office applications
  • Identity Management and Access Control, for authentication and secure local/remote access
  • Unified OT and IT environments.
  • Guaranteed and Smooth integration with the infrastructure without system's interruption
  • Best-of-breed interworking solutions from leading vendors
  • Adherence to International Standards (NIST recommendations, PCI DSS, ISO 27001
Utility Operation Technology (OT) Security Solutions diagram
Utility Operation Technology (OT) Security Solutions diagram

Additional Field Works materials

Intracom Telecom can provide additional materials needed during Field Works including

  • properly configured Hand Held Units and Tablets for the field technician to interwork with the rest of AMI solution
  • Meter Boxes, Current Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Seals, Surge Protection Devices for meters, data concentrators

Communication Solutions for Smart Meters

Intracom Telecom designs, develops, deploys the most appropriate technically and cost-wise communication option/associated equipment, making all necessary arrangements also with Telco Operators, if needed, after studying customer requirements. Such options include among others, wireless and/or wireline options such as:

  • Mobile GSM/GPRS/3G/LTE communication solution including modems as well as SIMs and Service Enablement/Monitoring Portal through Telco Operator for deployment
  • Wireless RF mesh, including Modems, Concentrators for RF solution
  • PLC (Power Line Carrier) solution, including Modems and Data Concentrators for PLC Prime, G3 and other PLC variants.
  • Combined solutions on single product, (e.g PLC and RF) are also feasible
  • Cascading meters installed in common location, through serial interface, is possible
  • Proper filtering ( in case of noise, cross-talk) for PLC deployment can be applied
Communication Diagram
Communication Solutions for Smart Meters Diagram

End-user awareness

End-user awareness is achieved via In-Home-Displays and Customer Portals.

In-Home-Display (IHD) is located at end user home, communicates exclusively with the consumer's energy meter mostly through Zigbee, Wireless M-Bus protocols or PLC technology and interacts with the consumer. IHD allows consumers to monitor their consumption in real time, check historical consumption and receive simple messages from Utility.

Customer Portals (WEB and Mobile Portal) are interconnected with Telemetering Software ( AMM/MDM ) in order to provide up-to-date information to end user. Web portal is a personalized web page that provides the consumer with the ability to access information associated with energy consumption. The Mobile portal allows smart mobile phones as well as tablet devices to access a mobile-optimized version of the consumer web portal.

Data Centre infrastructure

Intracom Telecom undertakes the supply and deployment of

  • Computing Layer ( servers )
  • Virtualization Layer ( hypervisor software for virtual machines )
  • Storage layer ( storage devices and replication)
  • Storage Area Network - SAN ( Fiber Chanel switches )
  • Networking Layer - LAN ( Routers, switches )
  • Back-up subsystem (Tape library, Backup software and server)
  • IT Infrastructure Security (Firewalls, Web Application Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention/Detection systems, Penetration tests).

In addition, the company deploys the Physical Security Systems for:

  • Fire Detection
  • Access Control System
  • Water Detection System
  • CCTV Surveillance System
  • Intrusion Alarm System
  • Building Security Management System (BSM)

as well as the Electromechanical Infrastructure & Structured Cabling, including

  • Construction and Site Modification Civil Works
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System
  • Cooling System
  • Racking and Cabling System

Asset and Work Flow Management

During AMI turnkey projects, Intracom Telecom applies specialized Asset and Work Flow Management applications, appropriately developed and customized, in order to ensure the full monitoring and control of materials, throughout the entire equipment lifecycle, as well as the execution of installation and maintenance field works and services respectively.

AMM/MDM integration ( Enterprise Service Bus )

Intracom Telecom Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solution provides automated, efficient and secure communication between AMM/MDM Solution and applications/systems on the Utility Back-office domain (Billing, CRM, Asset Management, SCADA, other AMM, e.t.c) or external stake holders.

Enterprise Service Bus is based on Intracom Telecom NGINius technology and composed of functions and interfaces which are depicted on the following diagram:

basic functionality diagram

Smart Metering Professional Services

Intracom Telecom provides the following services portfolio during a turnkey AMI solution deployment.

  • Program/Project Management Services
  • AMI Design and Implementation Services
  • Data Centre Design and Implementation Services
  • Meter Roll-out Services
  • Managed Services for AMI Operation and Maintenance
  • Storage and Material Management
  • Training Services