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Intracom Telecom: International Distinction at the WITSA Global Innovation & Tech Excellence Awards
The Company was selected as Award Winner for its holistic smart & sustainable city project

Athens, Greece – 16 September 2022 - Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, announces its global distinction in the "Sustainable Growth/Circular Economy Award" category (Public Sector) for the Smart & Sustainable City project that it is implementing in the City of Belgrade, Serbia. The ceremony award took place in Malaysia on Wednesday 14 September, during the World IT Conference "WCIT 2022".

More specifically, the City of Belgrade, embarked on a multi-phased, long-term plan, to take advantage of advanced Internet of Things (IoT) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and build a truly "holistic" Smart City. Emphasis and priority were given to the Environment and the City Sustainability.

As a first step, the City of Belgrade decided to adopt new technologies to deal with noise pollution in the city. As a second step, the City proceeded to the modernization of lighting with LED technology in order to have significant reductions in consumption, while with the use of smart metering, the City manages to closely monitor the relevant consumptions in real time. As a third step, the holistic Smart City approach includes the detection and measurement of air pollution in real time, as well as the forecast of the evolution of pollutants and the Air Quality Index. Thus, this third step of the project involves a complete solution that extends from the supply and installation of complex meteorological stations to the necessary IoT and AI applications for the well-timed and targeted launching of actions to deal with air pollution.

Intracom Telecom, as the technology vendor of this project, accepted the challenge and delivered a complete solution that is seamlessly integrated with the Company's Smart City platform uiTOP™, which monitors and analyzes all the critical factors of a modern city, providing insights to the Authorities in order to make the right decisions, with the right information, at the right time.

Mr. Anastasios Dimopoulos, Vice-President of the Board of Directors in Intracom Telecom, noted: "We are proud to receive such an international award from the renowned association of WITSA, and feel deeply honored for the trust the City of Belgrade has vested in us. This project is a living example of a Smart City that emphasizes on Environmental protection and Sustainability, building a comprehensive, constantly evolving and future-proof solution, addressing real problems and impacting directly and positively the lives of the citizens".


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