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Intracom Telecom Announces FCC Compliant WiBAS™ G5 mmWave FWA solutions for the US Market

Athens, Greece – 29 October 2021 - Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, announced that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified its advanced mmWave FWA solutions, WiBAS™ G5 evo-BS and WiBAS™ G5 Connect+, operating in TDD and FDD at 24 and 28 GHz bands, alongside 5G systems.

WiBAS™ G5 evo-BS has an exceptional deployment flexibility serving subscribers within a large area, extending to several miles away from the hub site, and it uses a variety of sectoral antennas ranging from 90° to full 360° coverage. Due to its compact form, this Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) base station is not demanding heavy telecom infrastructures. In addition, it combines sophisticated Hierarchical QoS and bidirectional traffic scheduling capabilities with resilient radio PHY modes reaching 1024-QAM to ensure robust and highly-efficient operation. It operates at the 24 and 28 GHz Upper Microwave Flexible Use Service (UMFUS) band and its intelligent software enables to operate side by side with 5G systems in adjacent channels. Moreover, it is fully compatible with the versatile WiBAS™ G5 Connect+ terminal station.

WiBAS™ G5 Connect+ is an advanced terminal station for operators seeking to deploy quickly ultra-broadband service to subscribers, and gaining precious time against Fiber to the Curb (FTTC) / Fiber to the Home (FTTH) solutions. The terminal radio is remarkably flexible, as it is able to operate both in TDD and FDD in the 24 and 28 GHz UMFUS spectrum. Furthermore, its zero touch capabilities allow for an effortless deployment, while extended range of several miles can be achieved.

It is noted that, before getting tested and certified by the FCC, both systems went through a thorough testing process in Intracom Telecom's R&D laboratories, which are granted with the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation.

John Tenidis, Marketing Director of Intracom Telecom's wireless solutions portfolio, stated: "We are always committed to serving our customers with state-of-the-art and reliable solutions, placing capacity and range of connectivity at the center of our innovation. The 5th generation of our FWA technology complies with the FCC standards and fulfils FCC’s goal in bridging the digital divide in rural and sub-urban areas in the USA."


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