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Intracom Telecom: Superior Performance delivered from its High Capacity E-Band System UltraLink™-GX80 with CPRI Option 7
The field test of UltraLink™-GX80 in China Mobile's network proves system’s superiority

Athens, Greece – 10 November 2020 - Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, completed successfully an extended Field Test of its high capacity E-Band radio system, UltraLink™-GX80, in China Mobile’s network, China’s largest mobile operator, during the event of the 2020 China Mobile Emergency Skills Competition Finals, that was held in Changsha, Hunan province, China.

The Field Test was fuelled by China Mobile's strategic requirement to achieve significant savings on the site related works and the last mile Radio Access Network (RAN), replacing the fibre cable connection between the analogue and the digital part of a 4G / 5G base station wirelessly, ensuring the same standards of services.

More specifically, the Field Test implemented a Fronthaul application in CPRI option 7 where the digital part of the 4G base station BBU (Baseband Broadband Unit) connected and synchronised with the RRU (Remote Radio Unit) via the UltraLink™-GX80 platform delivering 10 Gbps capacity in the maximum modulation scheme of 512-QAM at 1500 MHz, providing thus the highest stability. Two CPRI configurations have been tested: Star (one BBU – one RRU) and Cascade (one BBU – two RRUs).

In this event Intracom Telecom demonstrated the interoperability, the capacity and the stability of the UltraLink™-GX80 platform to serve multiple 4G / 5G cellular network. As, in both configurations, all the performed tests were completed successfully, proving that UltraLink™-GX80 fully supports all the required functionalities for C-RAN applications.

Mr. Li Yuejun, the Chief Manager of Hunan's Mobile Emergency Center and organizer of the emergency communication competition of China Mobile, 2020, noted, “Utilizing E-Band radios to realize the transmission from BBU to RRU is an additional tool for 4G / 5G fronthaul and expands the application of mmWave technology, that constitute an innovative element of our emergency communications. We hope to keep cooperating with Intracom Telecom so as to achieve more amazing results”.

Mr. Panos Dallas, Global Sales Coordinator at Intracom Telecom, said: “We are pleased to participate in this live field test and prove once again the superiority of our E-band solution in the biggest mobile operator of China. UltraLink™-GX80, is a next-generation ultra-high capacity FDD radio, which has been developed to deliver fiber-like services cost efficiently”.

UltraLink™-GX80 is a compact all-outdoor Ethernet radio operating in the entire E-Band (71-76 / 81-86 GHz), ideally suited for use in 4G / 4G+ / 5G RAN Backhaul and C-RAN Fronthaul applications requiring ultra-high capacity and extended range. It achieves throughputs of up to 10 Gbit/s full duplex, while offering software selectable protocol support for operating in Ethernet bridge or CPRI transport mode. As an Ethernet bridge, the radio unit offers a complete set of networking and packet synchronization features through 1 x Gigabit Ethernet plus 2 x 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet data interfaces, enabling deployment in complex network topologies without the need of external switches. When operating in CPRI transport mode, three unit’s interfaces can be used concurrently for CPRI transport, up to Option 7 and supports also multiple RRU cascading.

About China Mobile Group Hunan

According to the reform policy of China Telecom system, China Mobile Hunan Co., Ltd. was established on August 7, 1999, and listed in Hong Kong and New York in July 2002. It is the first communication operator listed abroad. The company is mainly responsible for the planning, construction, operation and management of the mobile communication network in Hunan province and the operation of the voice and data services of the mobile phone in Hunan province. It has set up branches in 14 cities and state of Hunan province. Operating mobile voice, data, IP phone and multimedia services, in addition to providing basic voice services, also launched a variety of voice value-added services and wireless data services. At present, the company has three brands "global pass", "Shenzhou" and "dynamic zone". China’s Mobile network has wide coverage, high communication quality, rich service varieties and first-class service level. Currently, the network has covered all the towns and villages in the province, while special focus has been in cities where continuous coverage even in indoor places has been achieved. China’s Mobile network has traveled to 216 countries and regions and Hunan Mobile Group is one of the key enterprises in China Mobile.

About Intracom Telecom

Intracom Telecom is a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor operating for over 40 years in the market. The company has become the benchmark in fixed wireless access and it successfully innovates in the 5G/4G wireless RAN transport and small-cell SON backhaul international arena. Intracom Telecom offers a comprehensive revenue-generating software solutions portfolio and a complete range of ICT services, focusing on IoT, SDN/NFV, Big Data analytics & data-driven intelligence, and Smart City solutions. Moreover, it addresses the Energy & Utilities industry, emphasizing on smart metering and end-to-end IT solutions. Intracom Telecom is also active in the defense systems sector providing security integrated systems for critical infrastructure protection and border surveillance. The company has extensive know-how and a proven track record in the market, serving fixed and mobile telecom operators, public authorities and large public and private enterprises. Intracom Telecom maintains its own R&D and production facilities, and operates subsidiaries worldwide.