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Intracom Telecom's Point-to-MultiPoint Technology Stands Out in South Africa

Athens, Greece - 07 November 2019 - Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, announced the supply of its WiBAS™ Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) technology to Dark Fibre Africa (DFA), South Africa's leading provider of open-access fiber infrastructure, to enhance its ability to provide state-of-the-art microwave connectivity solutions to its customers.

DFA's decision to select WiBAS™ PtMP technology resulted from the need to offer high-quality wireless last mile access connectivity to their wholesale customers who, in turn, provide connectivity to home and business consumers. Customers of the South African operator will have the opportunity to provide to end users high-speed service, which addresses the need for immediate access while waiting for a fiber service to be installed, or as a permanent solution where appropriate.

DFA owns an extended fiber network, and the unrivalled WiBAS™ PtMP system is going to be used to extend the network connectivity and maximize the addressed subscriber's base. More specifically, the operator is going to take advantage of the platform's superior capabilities, such as its robust performance and high capacity, to satisfy the ever-increasing access demand.

The WiBAS™ OSDR hub as well as the WiBAS™ Connect terminal are going to be deployed in DFA's network in the licensed 26 GHz band, aiming to offer high-quality ultra-high-speed broadband services. Furthermore, DFA will be using the advanced network management system, uniMS™, along with the recently introduced RF planning features, so as to optimally design the PtMP network.

"This technology will enable us to provide our customers with quick wireless connectivity solutions while they are waiting for fiber deployment or in areas where dense fiber deployment would not be feasible," says Andreas Uys, Chief Technical Officer at DFA. "High-quality wireless capability ensures that we do not have to compromise on the service levels to which our wholesale customers have become accustomed", he adds.

John Tenidis, Marketing Director of Intracom Telecom's wireless solutions portfolio, stated: "We are pleased to expand our customer base in South Africa, which is one of the strategic markets for Intracom Telecom, which propels our growth to the whole continent. For a decade our company has been actively present in South Africa and our WiBAS™ platform has managed to become operators' favorite microwave access system, thanks to its exceptional features. We are looking forward to supporting DFA in delivering ultra-high-speed wireless connectivity and differentiating its business offering to its customers."

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