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Intracom Telecom and MGTS Successfully Tested Virtualization of Wi-Fi Services

Athens, Greece - 30 October 2017 -Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, announced today that jointly with MGTS, one of the largest wireline telecom operators in the CIS, member of MTS Group, successfully completed the tests of Intracom Telecom's Virtualized Wi-Fi Services Platform, thus making MGTS one of the first operators to adopt such technologies for their Corporate Customers.

The pilot deployment was performed at MGTS' testing center, where Intracom Telecom's Virtualized Wi-Fi Services Platform, harnessing the power of SDN & NFV technologies, provided virtualized network functions (VNFs) over Wi-Fi Access Points used in MGTS network. MGTS customers can now extend the functionality of their existing on-premise Wi-Fi equipment, enjoying features such as fast network services deployment, full management automation and access to historical usage data, all through a specially designed, user-friendly web-interface.

MGTS corporate customers can monitor Internet traffic consumption at every point and if necessary change the usage rules for their guests and employees. This is especially interesting to organizations with geographically distributed networks, while their IT teams may now immediately adjust and update the necessary services in one or several branches simultaneously.

"Virtualization technologies today seem to be the most profitable and promising option both for operators and their subscribers. The solutions that we have tested and plan to deploy next year, will allow MGTS corporate customers to scale up their own networks and develop additional Wi-Fi services with minimal investments", commented Mr. Alexander Trokhin, Technical Director, PJSC MGTS.

Mr. Spyros Sakellariou, SDN/NFV Portfolio Manager of Intracom Telecom, added: "Intracom Telecom has been investing in the SDN & NFV domain for the last 3 years. The solution we have developed is unique in the whole world and enables MGTS to capitalize their existing Wi-Fi infrastructure by providing additional services to their customers. We are happy that the successful "Proof of Concept" in MGTS testing center proved the capabilities and advantages of our solution in a real Network environment."

It is noteworthy that a live deployment of Wi-Fi services virtualization platform is planned for 2018.

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