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Intracom Telecom Joins Competitive Carriers Association in the US
The company promotes its FCC Compliant 4G Small Cell Backhaul Solution

Athens, Greece - 19 September 2016 - Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, announced today that it has become an associate member of Competitive Carriers Association (CCA), which brings together nearly one hundred wireless operators and more than 150 industry suppliers.

Earlier this year, Intracom Telecom announced the availability of its FCC Compliant 4G Small Cell Backhaul Solution, StreetNode™, operating at 28 GHz and 60 GHz. StreetNode™ is specifically designed to meet the multiple challenges of deployment at street level on lamp posts, at bus stops and on walls incorporating unique features such as auto-aligning and zero-touch provisioning. Its software-defined radio operation allows operators to switch between PtP and PtMP mode without hardware and software changes. Controlled by an intelligent SON (Self-Organizing Network) Manager, which simplifies provisioning, ensures service availability and automates optimization, StreetNode™ can be connected to the network within a few minutes.

"I am extremely pleased to have Intracom Telecom join CCA as new members, bringing with them advanced technology to address 4G small cell backhaul solutions that competitive carriers want and need," said Steven K. Berry, President & CEO of CCA. "I am positive that our members will benefit from these new services and Intracom Telecom's innovative approach to enhancing network capabilities."

John Tenidis, Marketing Head of Intracom Telecom's wireless solutions portfolio, commented: "We're excited to use our Associate Membership with the CCA as a platform to collect valuable feedback from regional carriers while engaging with them to discuss their current 4G/LTE needs and smooth transition to next generation networks. Our FCC compliant Small Cell Backhaul product line, at the 60 GHz frequency band, is ideal for 5G deployments and offers the highest capacity in the market, exceeding 1.6 Gbit/s, and addresses successfully the hungry bandwidth backhaul applications."

About CCA

CCA is the nation's leading association for competitive wireless providers and stakeholders across the United States. The licensed service area of CCA's nearly 100 carrier members covers 95 percent of the nation. Visit

About Intracom Telecom

Intracom Telecom is a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor operating for over 35 years in the market. Intracom Telecom innovates in the areas of small-cell backhaul, wireless transmission and broadband wireless access and has successfully deployed its industry leading point-to-point and point-to-multipoint packet radio systems worldwide. Moreover, the company offers a competitive portfolio of revenue-generating telco software solutions and a complete range of ICT services, focusing on big data analytics, converged networking and cloud computing for operators and private, public and government clouds. The company invests significantly in R&D developing cutting-edge products and integrated solutions that ensure customer satisfaction. Over 100 customers in more than 70 countries choose Intracom Telecom for its state-of-the-art technology. The company employs more than 1,800 people and operates subsidiaries in Europe, Russia and the CIS, the Middle East and Africa, Asia and North America.