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'Revolutionary' UKeMED platform to transform global healthcare industry after GITEX Technology Week Debut
Advanced ICT Platform to Link Telecommunications Infrastructure and Global Healthcare Community

Dubai, UAE - Wednesday 21st October, 2015 . The pioneering UKeMED platform - an innovative, first-of-its-kind medical knowledge and content service that allows worldwide healthcare professionals to address and streamline hospitals' and medical institutions' training and e-consultation needs - has been unveiled to regional technology, healthcare and telecoms leaders at this week's GITEX Technology Week.

A partnership between Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunications system vendor, and Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH), one of the UK's leading medical institutions, the industry-leading UKeMED platform offers medical content from prestigious healthcare institutions to hospitals, diagnostic centres, pathology labs, primary healthcare centres and homecare systems across the globe.

"Healthcare is no longer a national or regional concept - it is now truly global," said Takis Kotis, CEO, UKeMED, during today's GTX Communities Conference session focused on Healthcare. "UKeMED provides a link between the telecommunications companies which own the hardware, networks and infrastructure with hospitals, clinics and professionals working across the global healthcare industry. The platform is the connecting link - the facilitator of exchange, education and knowledge - that allows for the implementation of best-practise solutions across the entire sector."

From an institution with 24 Nobel Laureates, CUH medical faculty can offer a wide range of services and expertise including continuous professional development to healthcare professionals, pre-surgery consultancy and secondary diagnosis. The phased development of the UKeMED platform will then see further leading academic institutions added to the prestigious partners list.

As UKeMED spans out across the globe and encompasses an ever-growing pool of international medical institutions and practitioners, the cloud-based utilisation of diverse medical content will also offer Big Data analytics for the pharmaceutical sector, medical device manufacturers and research institutions.

"As a platform, UKeMED provides world-class, internationally-recognised healthcare services that will have a transformative effect on institutions across the global healthcare sector," added Dr. Leonard Shapiro, Medical Director, Cambridge University Hospitals. "Patients no longer have to accept lower standards - even if they are unable to travel. UKeMED allows clinicians to share specialist experience and research on a global stage, thereby benefitting the diagnosis and treatment processes. While the capacity to request appointments with a selected pool of international medical practitioners is hugely beneficial for doctors, the patients are the ultimate winners."

By removing the fragmentation of services offered by existing eHealth platforms, UKeMED aligns a host of specialist eHealthcare services in a dedicated, live platform focussing on three main areas.

The first area consists of accredited continuous professional development services and support where clinical and non-clinical content is distributed via Intracom Telecom's cloud-powered learning platform to train doctors, nurses, administration and any other healthcare-related professionals. The training and support is achieved via live training sessions where participants enter a virtual classroom, attend online lectures and interact with the instructor, or through recorded training where registered trainees can watch real-time surgical procedures step-by-step, watch HD tutorial videos or log in to online lectures and interviews available worldwide on a 24/7 basis.

The second area consists of 'Second Opinion' services where an attending physician can directly contact a specialist using video conferencing technology to discuss and evaluate a diagnosis or a treatment plan for a patient. The 'Second Opinion' services may result in confirmation of the diagnosis and treatment plan, or suggest an alternative.

The third area is to implement the integration of existing or future medical applications with the UKeMED platform. Below is the exclusive video content of Takis Kotis, CEO, UKeMED, discussing the regional launch of the UKeMED platform at GITEX Technology Week 2015.

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