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INTRACOM TELECOM proceeded to Eco-Design of netMod telecom device

Peania - 14 June 2007 - INTRACOM TELECOM, a part of SITRONICS Telecommunication Solutions business division, proceeded to the redesign of the netMod telecom device in the framework of the European project entitled "Integrated Product Policy in the Telecommunication Sector (IPP-TEL)". The project, started in October 2004, and refers to the eco-design and end-of-life management of telecommunication devices.

More specifically, during the implementation of Life Cycle Assessment and End of Life Management Strategy for the netMod device, several improvement suggestions were made for the redesign of the device. These suggestions were examined by INTRACOM TELECOM aiming at selecting the ones to be implemented. The company proceeded to the redesign of the netMod device as well as to the redesign of its production cycle in order to reduce environmental impacts during the whole life cycle of the product.

Among the improvement suggestions made for the redesign of the device were the minimization of the product mass, minimisation of heavy metals use, elimination of the use of lead as a solder and increase of the use of recycled materials within the device and its package.

With regard to the netMod redesign the major changes made referred to components replacement, according the Directive (2002/95/EC) for restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, and for minimization of their weight and mass. The result was a redesigned device with less weight and mass and the most important consisted of lead free components. During the implementation of the selected suggestions it was necessary to perform a series of tests and trials aiming at improving INTRACOM TELECOM's experience and knowledge, locating all weaknesses of the company's equipments and materials. In order to guarantee the accomplishment of the project and company's goals, the appropriate equipment was purchased or the existing one was upgraded.

The pilot production programme of the redesigned netMod device under the new production process started a few months ago. For the project implementation INTRACOM TELECOM cooperates with the National Technical University of Athens, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce as well as with the companies EPTA Ltd. - Environmental Consultants Engineers, POIOTIKI S.A. and POLYECO S.A.

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