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JTG and INTRACOM TELECOM Sign Agreement to Provide IPTV Service in Jordan

Amman, October 31, 2007 - Jordan Telecom Group (JTG) has signed an agreement with INTRACOM TELECOM to provide Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) in Jordan under the Orange brand. With the offering of IPTV, JTG reaffirms its position as a pioneer in offering innovative services to the region.

Orange IPTV will be offered through INTRACOM TELECOM's award-winning fs|cdn™ IPTV platform over JTG's ADSL network. In addition to high-quality Broadcast TV and Video on Demand, a host of new interactive services such as personal recording, chatting and e-mail notifications will introduce an unparalleled, personalized TV experience. The offering will feature premium Arabic and international content.

"We are proud of contributing towards the fulfillment of HM King Abdullah's II vision, to make Jordan a technological hub in the region. With Orange IPTV, we are bringing Jordan a service that is very popular in Europe and the World enhancing the modern lifestyle and recreational needs of Jordanian customers," said Mr. Mickael Ghossein, CEO of JTG.

"Through a highly secured, conditionally accessed infrastructure, Orange IPTV service meets Quality, Preference, Ubiquity, Mobility, and Personalisation, offering its customers a unique interactive experience with content of their choice. With future demands of EDTV and HDTV, we are building today what will be needed tomorrow" , said Mr. Tamouh Khauli, Vice-President and CEO, Innovations & Corporate Solutions of JTG.

Mr. Alexandros Manos, Managing Director of INTRACOM TELECOM stated: "We are very excited about this project which apart from solidifying our cooperation with JTG, serves as a benchmark for the whole Middle East, paving the way for telecom operators to deliver new, value-creating services to their customers".

"We are honored to be part of this visionary project, which will enable the Jordanian public to experience truly integrated IPTV services", said Mr. Tareq Abu Sharar, CEO of INTRACOM Jordan.

The signing ceremony between JTG and INTRACOM TELECOM took place during a press conference attended by JTG CEO, Mr. Mickael Ghossein, JTG VP/ CEO Innovations & Corporate Solutions, Mr. Tamouh Khauli, and INTRACOM TELECOM Managing Director, Mr. Alexandros Manos, as well as CEO of INTRACOM Jordan, Mr. Tareq Abu Sharar.

IPTV subscribers can also benefit from the leading Arabic WorldCall Service offered by Orange ICI. This innovative solution will expedite the concept of Internet over TV where someone can view IPTV and connect to the Internet using his TV set by utilizing an inexpensive gadget connected to the TV with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

About Orange

Orange is the key brand of France Telecom Group, one of the world's leading telecommunications operators with over 153 million customers in 220 countries worldwide. In June 2006, as part of France Telecom Group's integrated operator strategy to deliver simple convergent products, Orange became the single brand for mobile, internet and TV offers in France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain, strengthening Orange's position as the number two mobile and internet services brand in Europe. In addition, Orange Business Services became the new banner for business communications solutions and services.

Since its launch in 1994 in the UK market, Orange has been synonymous with making mobile communications an intuitive part of everyday life. Today the home of Orange has become Paris following their acquisition by France Telecom in August 2000. However, Orange is widely perceived as a global international brand stretching across the world.

About France Telecom

France Telecom, one of the principal world telecommunications operators, had almost 160 million customers in five continents (220 countries or territories) as of December 31, 2006, out of which two thirds are under the Orange brand. In 2006, the Group achieved consolidated revenues of 51.7 billion euros. Launched in June 2005, the NExT program (New Experience in Telecommunications) is enabling the

Group to continue its conversion as an integrated operator in order to make France Telecom the operator of reference for the new telecommunications services in Europe.

Since June 2006, Orange became the Group's single brand for the Internet, television and wireless telephony in France, the United Kingdom the Netherlands and in Spain, and Orange Business Services became the brand for the services offered to business worldwide. France Telecom is the second largest wireless operator and Internet access provider in Europe and among the world leaders in telecommunications services for multinational companies.

France Telecom (NYSE:FTE) is listed on the Eurolist market of Euronext Paris and on the New York Stock Exchange.

About Jordan Telecom Group

In 2000, France Telecom entered as a strategic partner and gradually increased its share in Jordan Telecom until it acquired 51% of shares to become the majority shareholder.

Jordan Telecom was first established in 1971 under the name "Telecommunications Corporation," which was then totally owned by the Jordanian government. In 1997 the corporation was privatized and became known as the Telecommunications Company, providing fixed line services.

Jordan Telecom Group decision was proclaimed in 2006 to integrate Jordan Telecom, the fixed retail business unit, MobileCom, the mobile business unit, Wanadoo, the internet and data business unit, e-Dimensions, the content business unit, and the wholesale business unit to be one giant integrated operator in Jordan.

The Jordan Group now serves more than 2.3 million subscribers with appropriate communication technologies, at affordable prices, and world-class service. The Jordan Telecom Group is currently preparing to adopt the Orange brand name for its services as part of a strategic plan aimed at providing the local market with world class services and products.


INTRACOM TELECOM is a leading developer and producer of telecommunication systems as well as a supplier of integrated solutions and professional services to fixed and mobile operators in the EEMEA region. Over 100 customers in more than 50 countries choose INTRACOM TELECOM for its state-of-the-art products and solutions. INTRACOM TELECOM has 2,700 employees, operates subsidiaries in 12 countries and is amongst the largest European companies leading in R&D investments. Since June 2006, INTRACOM TELECOM is controlled by JSC SITRONICS (Russia) with 51%. JSC SITRONICS is the technology subsidiary of JSFC SISTEMA, a leading diversified holding company in Russia and the CIS. INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group (Greece) retains a 49% stake.

About INTRACOM Jordan

Founded in December 2000 and based in Amman, INTRACOM Jordan, is a subsidiary of INTRACOM IT Services; a member of INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group. INTRACOM Jordan specializes in systems integration and the provision of end-to-end integrated IT solutions targeting telecommunication providers, governmental and financial institutions, and enterprises. Aligned with the Group strategy, the company has expanded its activities outside Jordan to the whole Middle East region and beyond, reaching areas as far as Senegal and Pakistan.

About fs|cdn™

fs|cdn™ is an end-to-end platform for the delivery of bundled video, voice and data services over broadband IP networks. This solution, one of the most modern and integrated platforms, is designed and built to cover the communications and entertainment needs of both residential and business customers. The offering is complemented with the necessary business and content consulting, as well as customization services that are required by a forward-looking operator like Jordan Telecom, in order to compete effectively in the Multi-Play services arena and offer substantially more than just another "me-too" IPTV service.