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Thursday, 14 September 2006
"INTRACOM HOLDINGS has strong business ties with the Arab world", stated Mr. A. Manos, INTRACOM TELECOM CEO, at the 1st Hellenic-Arab Forum

Representing INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group, INTRACOM TELECOM CEO Alexandros Manos, spoke about the activities and the strong business ties between the Group in the Arab countries, at the session "Telecommunications & IT" of the 1st Hellenic-Arab Forum.

Commenting on Hellenic-Arab business relations, Mr. Manos emphasized that Greece has a strategic advantage in the Arab world, compared to Western countries. Their cultures are compatible and have enjoyed a historically long-lasting friendship.

Mr. Manos expressed INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group' support to the Hellenic-Arab Forum within the framework of its strategy in the Middle East, since the Group is one of the first Greek businesses with presence in the Arab countries .

The Group realized that international expansion is the mandatory path to growth. After having expanded its business activity in the Balkans, ten years ago, the Group has strategically focused towards the Middle East market. Since then, the Group has been exporting and has developed strategic partnerships with more than 15 telecom operators in the Arab world, such as: Syrian Telecommunications Establishment (STE), ITC in Saudi Arabia, Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC) in Kuwait, VODAFONE in Egypt, UMNIAH Mobile Company in Jordan, Etisalat and Thuraya in the United Arab Emirates. INTRACOM TELECOM's awarded contracts to-date with these telecom organizations amount well over 3U4 100 mil., with projected revenues promising substantial growth in the coming years.

These successful partnerships, the strategic focus, but also the Group's strong commitment and long-term vision in this region, have led INTRACOM TELECOM to the establishment of 3 local entities (Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Libya). Moreover, INTRACOM TELECOM is currently proceeding with the opening of 2 more business offices in Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, INTRACOM IT SERVICES, a sister-company in INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group, has a remarkable activity portfolio in the Middle East market. The company, through its subsidiary INTRACOM Jordan, has been partnering with large enterprises and banking institutions. INTRACOM IT SERVICES has customers including: Beirut Ryad Bank of Lebanon (profits system), Arab Bank, King Abdullah Hospital in Jordan, UMNIAH Mobile Company, Bank of Jordan, Jordan National Bank, Bank Audi and Housing Bank.

The relations between INTRACOM HOLDINGS with the Arab countries expand also to the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. More than 45 students and business executives from the Middle East have studied in the research and technology education center of the Group, Athens Information Technology ( ?ES? ) and most of them have scholarships from our company and its subsidies.

Referring to the current trends in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Manos underlined the business opportunities in the Arab markets, both in infrastructures modernization, as well as the increase of consumer expenditure in the near future.


Founded in 1977, INTRACOM SA is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1990 and included in the FTSE/ASE-20 LargeCap index. In December 2005 INTRACOM was transformed to a holding company under the name INTRACOM HOLDINGS, being one of the largest multinational technology groups in South-Eastern Europe. The Group's major participations are: INTRACOM TELECOM (telecommunication systems and solutions), INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS (defense electronics systems), INTRACOM IT SERVICES (IT solutions for the public sector, banking and enterprises), INTRAKAT (construction, high-tech installations, steel structures, infrastructure maintenance) and Hellas On Line (Internet and voice services provider). INTRACOM HOLDINGS, as a group, has 5,700 employees, exports to 60 countries and operates subsidiaries in 19 countries.
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INTRACOM TELECOM is a member of Concern Sitronics Group (Russia) and INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group (Greece). The company is a leading developer and producer of telecommunication systems as well as supplier of integrated solutions and professional services to fixed, wireless and mobile operators in the EEMEA region. Over 100 customers in more than 50 countries choose INTRACOM TELECOM for its state-of-the-art products and solutions. INTRACOM TELECOM has 2,600 employees, operates subsidiaries in 12 countries and is amongst the largest European companies leading in R&D investments.
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INTRACOM IT SERVICES, a subsidiary of INTRACOM HOLDINGS, is a leading IT services provider in Southeast Europe and the Middle East. The company specializes in systems integration, software development and provision of outsourcing and support services for the public administration, banking and financial institutions, and other large enterprises. More than 500 international organizations and companies in 18 countries have chosen INTRACOM IT SERVICES for its advanced solutions and professional services. The company has dynamically developing subsidiaries in Greece and abroad. Its largest subsidiary, INTRASOFT International is one of the most important IT services providers to the European Union bodies. As a Group, INTRACOM IT SERVICES has 1,400 employees. IDC has consistently ranked INTRACOM as the leading IT services provider in the Greek market since 2000.
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About Athens Information Technology (AIT)

Founded in 2001 by INTRACOM Group, AIT is a non-profit centre of excellence in research and post-graduate studies. AIT is the largest private investment in Greece in the research and education. AIT has exclusive pan-european cooperation with the American Carnegie Mellon University and also collaborates with Harvard University for executive training programs. Until today, ?ES? has offered more than 250 scholarships in students from 21 countries. For more information please visit: