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Wednesday, 31 May 2006
INTRACOM HOLDINGS: Sales €160.9 mil. - EBT €9.6 mil. for Q1 2006
New contracts awarded - Quarter record for the last 4 years

INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group sales for Q1 2006 reached €160.9 mil. posting a 30.2% increase compared to Q1 2005, according to International Accounting Standards. EBITDA reached €23.3 mil . (23.8% increase ), ?aS? €9.6 mil . (14.1% decrease ), and EATAM reached €6,4 mil. (27.4% decrease).

Meanwhile, INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group achieved a quarter basis record in new contracts for the last 4 years, since new contracts awarded worth €210 mil. Specifically, the new contracts for telecom equipment amount to €146.3 mil., for construction sector €32 mil. and IT Services €23.5 mil. Telecommunication services new contracts reach €6.5 mil. and defense electronics 3U4 1.7 mil.

The new projects for Q1 2006 - undertaken within the framework of INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group strategy after its reorganization - are anticipated to contribute to the further development and expansion of the Group, as well as, to the improvement of its subsidiaries' results in the next Quarters.

In Q1 2006 sales breakdown for the Group's basic activities (excluding intragroup sales) are as follows: Telecom equipment (products and services) €86.4 mil., ES? Services €30.0 mil., defense electronics €13.8 mil., construction sector €18.6 mil., telecommunication services €6.5 mil., while other non-distributable sales reached €5.6 mil.

It is worth mentioning that the acquisition of Hellas On Line has been finalized on January, 31, 2006, consequently, its financial results, consolidated in the Group's figures, are for the period of February 2, 2006 to March 31, 2006. The capital gain resulting from the sales for Forthnet's SA stake, worth of €12.0 mil., is included in the Group's Q1 2006 operational results. A net financial gain from derivative products, worth of €5.8 mil., was included in the Q1 2005 financial results.


INTRACOM SA was founded in 1977, has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1990, and is included in the FTSE/ASE-20 LargeCap index. On December 2005, the Group reorganized, creating INTRACOM HOLDINGS, one of the largest Greek multinational holding Groups, active in telecommunications, e-government, banking and enterprise, defense electronic systems, and construction. The Group's major subsidiaries are: INTRACOM TELECOM, INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS, INTRACOM IT SERVICES, INTRAKAT and H.O.L. INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group has more than 5.000 employees, exports to 60 countries, and operates subsidiaries in 16 countries.