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Wednesday, 12 April 2006
INTRACOM TELECOM signed 3 new contract extensions amounting in total €4.2 million with Telekom Serbia

INTRACOM TELECOM signed 3 new contract extensions amounting in total €4.2 million with Telekom Serbia.

The first extension refers to the delivery of ISDN terminal devices with their corresponding Network Management System.

The second extension refers to the provision of 3 new Intelligent Network Services that will run on the existing Platform, already provided by INTRACOM TELECOM. These new services -Prepaid Card Calling, Account Card Calling and Virtual Private Network- will enable Telekom Serbia to offer to its fixed subscribers more advanced value added services increasing further its revenues.

The third extension is in relation to the expansion of the SS7 Monitoring System to cover a bigger part of the Signaling network of Telekom Serbia's National exchanges.

INTRACOM TELECOM has developed a broad portfolio of value added services for fixed line and mobile telephony networks, as well as Voice Over IP networks. These services can be customized according to each operator's special requirements.

The Monitoring System of the Signaling Network, extracts data from all the SS7 links in a network providing a comprehensive picture about the network, calls and services in real time.

These projects further enhance INTRACOM TELECOM presence in Serbia and Montenegro, having already supplied the Public Pay phones including their Management System, a large quantity of ISDN terminal devices as well as the SS7 monitoring system for both the National and International networks of Telekom Serbia and the IN Services platform along with four value added services.


INTRACOM TELECOM is a subsidiary of INTRACOM HOLDINGS, one of the largest multinational Groups in Greece. The company is a leading telecommunications equipment vendor3U4and solutions provider for fixed and mobile operators. The company delivers end-to-end future proof solutions, implements large-scale turn-key projects and provides a wide range of professional and outsourcing services to telecommunications operators. INTRACOM TELECOM operates subsidiaries in 12 countries and, together with them, is active in 60 countries, strategically aiming to the area of South Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.