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Friday, 10 February 2006
INTRACOM TELECOM Centre for Research and Development inaugurated in Xanthi

An initiative part of the INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group strategy to invest in R&D, facilitating new jobs opening

Today, General Secretary of Industry, Mr. S. Papadopoulos, Secretary General of East Macedonia and Thrace, Mr. M. Aggelopoulos, and the Perfect of Xanthi, Mr. G. Pavlidis, have inaugurated INTRACOM TELECOM Centre for Research and Development.

It is a modern high tech research centre based on INTRACOM TELECOM premises in Xanthi. This initiative is part of INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group strategy to cooperate in research with universities both in the centre and the region. Within this framework INTRACOM TELECOM has developed many research teams in Patra, Thessaloniki and Xanthi, while it also working with foreign universities.

Since 2000 INTRACOM TELECOM operates in Xanthi and recently moved to its new building, which has been built by INTRAKAT, a company belonging to INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group. INTRACOM TELECOM decided to invest in Xanthi in order to leverage the potential of local scientists. The company cooperates with the Democretian University of Thrace to employee its graduates and has hired more than 20 scientists until today. Moreover, INTRACOM TELECOM has offered 14 scholarships to University students and employs students for on-the-job training.

INTRACOM TELECOM Xanthi creates innovative products and services in the field of wireless communication and broadband data transmission, offering new advanced applications.

More than 100 participants attended the inauguration ceremony, amongst them representatives of the Greek government, local deputies, high-level public administration and local authorities' executives, academics for the Democretian University of Thrace, local private sector executives, as well as media representatives from N. Greece and Athens. A demo of telecom and defence electronic systems took place during the event.

On behalf of the Minister of Development, Mr. D. Sioufas, General Secretary of Industry, Mr. S. Papadopoulos, congratulated INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group and its employees for their important work that contributes to the progress and the technological development of Greece. Mr. Papadopoulos emphasized the importance of cooperation among the public administration, universities and the private sector for the creation and the support of research centers in Greece in order to strengthen the country's position in this field. He mentioned that the Government operates a technological development and innovation programme that also supports investments. The aim is to increase R&D expenses from 0.7% to 1.5% of GDP until 2010.

Messrs. M. Aggelopoulos, Secretary General of East Macedonia and Thrace,, G. Pavlidis, Perfect of Xanthi, talked about the importance of the Centre for the local economic development and Professor Ch. Koukourlis, Vice-President Electrical Engineering sector of the Democretian University focused on INTRACOM TELECOM cooperation with the University.

On behalf of INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group, Messrs. G. Troullinos, Managing Director of INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS, and S. Chadjiagapis, R&D General Manager of INTRACOM TELECOM, referred to the high priority that R&D has on INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group strategy as well as on its high tech defense electronic systems and their intention to leverage and increase the Centre's activities in new defence and telecommunication products.

INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group exports technology in 60 countries and invests an average of 5-7% of its total revenue in R&D activities. Over the last 5 years, INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group has participated in more that 80 international research programmes. INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group operates sophisticated R&D labs within its facilities for the fast development of high quality systems and has registered a significant number of international patents. INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group aims to contribute to the technological development of Greece and to export Greek know-how, partnering with international leaders. INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group has become an important key-player on its field in the region of S.E. Europe.


INTRACOM was founded in 1977, listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1990 and included in the FTSE/ASE-20 LargeCap index. On December 2005, the Group has been reorganized, creating INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group on the largest Greek multinational Groups investing in telecommunications, e-government, banking and enterprise, defence electronic systems and constructions. The Group's most important subsidiaries are: INTRACOM TELECOM, INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS, INTRACOM IT SERVICES, INTRAKAT and H.O.L.. INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group has 5.450 employees, exports in 60 countries and operates subsidiaries in 16 countries.