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Thursday, 9 November 2006
INTRACOM TELECOM delivers a 2.9 million USD project for MoldTelecom

INTRACOM TELECOM signed a contract of 2.9 million USD with MoldTelecom covering the provision, implementation and support of the Prepaid Solution for both CDMA and PSTN networks including data and VoIP. The contract includes the supply of a Prepaid Services Platform, the supply of Service Switching Points and the provision of the related implementation, configuration, integration, testing and training professional services.

Founded in 1993, J.S.C. Moldtelecom is the national provider of the telecommunication services. The company manages the fixed telephony network in the Republic of Moldova, comprising about 1 million subscribers throughout the country, out of which 65% is digital. Recently, MoldTelecom has started the implementation of a mobile network in Moldova based on CDMA technology.

INTRACOM TELECOM's Prepaid Accounts Application running on top of Hewlett-Packard's OpenCall platform, offers an innovative approach to the traditional voice/data/content real-time charging mechanism. The Account centric design enables the creation of various end-user groups, corresponding to different subscriber profiles. Prepaid Accounts enhance and speed-up the introduction of "Special service packages", offering thus to Moldtelecom commercially attractive payment schemes.

In addition, the converged Prepaid Accounts Application will enable MoldTelecom to provide its customers with a wide range of advanced features, automate its customer care procedures, order handling, service provisioning and activation, as well as, optimise the utilization of underlying network resources.

MoldTelecom's Service Switching Function will be implemented by the MEDIO switches provided by STROM. INTRACOM TELECOM will provide all related professional services including requirements capture and analysis, design, installation, configuration and customization, mediation and charging services for Prepaid and Postpaid PDSN & CDMA data sessions, system test, training, and after-sales support.

INTRACOM Group is present in Moldova since 1994 and has been a close partner of MoldTelecom. The Group has signed contracts worth about 75 million USD for the supply of state-of-the-art telecommunication systems and products, as well as, for the implementation and support services for MoldTelecom network development. Today, INTRACOM TELECOM is among the leading System Integrators in the area of Eastern Europe and Middle East.


INTRACOM TELECOM is a leading developer and producer of telecommunication systems as well as supplier of integrated solutions and professional services to fixed, wireless and mobile operators in the EEMEA region. Over 100 customers in more than 50 countries choose INTRACOM TELECOM for its state-of-the-art products and solutions. INTRACOM TELECOM has 2,600 employees, operates subsidiaries in 12 countries and is amongst the largest European companies leading in R&D investments. Since June 30, 2006, INTRACOM TELECOM has been controlled by JSC SITRONICS (Russia) with 51%. JSC SITRONICS is the technology arm of JSFC SISTEMA, the largest consumer services company in Central and Eastern Europe. INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group (Greece) retains a 49% stake.
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