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Monday, 27 November 2006
INTRACOM TELECOM signed a € 1.1 million agreement for the Support and Network Management Systems extension project for T-HT, Croatia

INTRACOM TELECOM has signed an agreement for provisioning and implementing a Network Management project to T-HT (Croatian Telecom Inc). The € 1.1 million project includes the extension - 3rd in three years- of the Real Time Traffic Management System (RTTMS), the extension of the Signaling Monitoring System for SS7, as well as the equivalent support and maintenance services for a two years period.

Within the framework of the agreement, apart from the relevant hardware and software, INTRACOM TELECOM will provide associated professional services including installation, configuration, training and support & maintenance services.

INTRACOM TELECOM's provisioning is based on two different products:

1. RTTMS is an INTRACOM TELECOM product, which encompasses all the functions necessary to identify and mitigate / resolve the conditions that adversely affect the PSTN/ISDN network performance and customer quality of service, by collecting3U4the related Key Performance Indicators and by automatically applying the necessary network controls. The new RTTMS extension will provide T-HT with new RTTMS capabilities and enable more efficient management of the PSTN/ISDN network.

2. Signaling Monitoring System (acceSS7) Solution was developed by Agilent Technologies and will enable T-HT Croatia to have prompt and efficient supervision of the entire SS7 network protocol by retrieving valuable information for the rendered services in order to ensure a high quality of service level offered to their customers.

INTRACOM TELECOM has an extensive experience in the design and implementation of Operations Support Solutions. In particular, RTTMS has also been deployed in OTE (Greece), BTC (Bulgaria) and acceSS7 in OTE (Greece), BTC (Bulgaria), Telekom Srbija, STC (Saudi Arabia), MTC (Kuwait), Polkomtel (Poland), T-HT (Croatia), Vodafone (Greece), TIM (Greece) and Tellas (Greece).


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About T-HT, Croatia

Croatian Telecom Inc. is the leading provider of telecommunications services in Croatia and the sole company to offer the full range of telecommunication services. The basic activities of Croatian Telecom Inc. and its subsidiary T-Mobile Croatia LLC, or T-HT Group, comprise provision of telecommunications services, design and construction of telecommunications networks on the territory of the Republic of Croatia. The business operations of T-HT Group can be divided into three business segments organized as two business units (fixed telephony and Internet), which are branded as T-Com, and T-Mobile (mobile telephony) as a separate legal entity. Croatian Telecom Inc. is a joint stock company in the majority ownership of Deutsche Telekom AG. The company was founded on 28 December 1998 in the Republic of Croatia. In the course of 2002 HT Mobile Communications, LLC was registered as a separate company, a subsidiary fully owned by Croatian Telecom Inc., for the purpose of providing mobile telephone network services. T-HT Group rebranded in 2004 its trade mark and introduced on 1 October 2004 a new corporate identity under which T-HT Group became a part of the global "T" family of Deutsche Telekom. The new trade mark was introduced by adding the letter "T" to Croatian Telecom, whereby the former HT Group became T-Croatian Telecom or T-HT Group. The strategic and partner connection between HT Group and Deutsche Telekom has since 2000 resulted in strong growth and evolved into a modern telecommunications group intent on using all advantages of global trade marks in enhancing its business operations and pursuing the competitive edge.