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Tuesday, 5 July 2005
Press Announcement

In relation to the recent publicity in the media, INTRACOM would like to clarify the following:

As stated by Chairman, Mr. Socrates Kokkalis, INTRACOM has no plans to transfer its headquarters outside Greece. INTRACOM has 3,100 employees working in Greece, out of a total of 5,450, and, at the same time a great number of Greek companies do business with INTRACOM Group. INTRACOM has been making significant investments contributing thus to the country's financial growth. INTRACOM aims to supporting the Greek economy and continuously making even more great contributions.

Having foreseen the business opportunities in the international markets, INTRACOM has intensified efforts on its international orientation. While it continues to reinforce its primary basis in the wider region of Southeastern Europe and the Middle East, at the same time the Group is contemplating acquisitions - mainly of international companies - bringing thus INTRACOM closer to its goal of establishing a leading position in the region.

In this context, as INTRACOM CEO Mr. George Deligiannis stated, a study is being made, examining all the parameters enhancing the Group's competitiveness.

Within this framework, being a responsible leader, ENTRACOM seriously examines all alternative strategies, concerning both its immediate and long-term future. INTRACOM considers this approach as the most appropriate and responsible towards its shareholders, employees, customers, and partners.