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Tuesday, 7 June 2005
International recognition of INTRACOM in the defense communication systems area

INTRACOM develops and expands its international business operations in the area of defense communications systems, in which the company receives international recognition.

In specific, following the invitation by the Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesamt fur Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung - BWB), INTRACOM participated in the international Symposium and Exhibition "Land Forces 2010 - Pragmatic Approach to Network Enabled Capabilities" which took place in Germany in the middle of May and was hosted by the German Army, BWB as well as the MILVA (Military Vectronics Association) international association.

The Symposium presented technologies and solutions applied in the Network Centric Warfare field, which constitutes a significant core of Defense technology developments internationally. The Symposium was attended by government officials, German Army officials and state ministry delegations and industry members of countries comprising the MILVA Association, namely, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, the U.S.A., Italy, Canada, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

INTRACOM was the only Hellenic company, among globally significant participants, which was invited to participate in order to exhibit the WISPR (Wideband Intercom & Secure Packet Radio) intercommunication system as well as the capabilities of the WISPR - WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) system. The system has been designed and developed entirely by INTRACOM and a patent has been awarded by the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization, while procedures for the attainment of an international patent are in progress. WISPR system was also presented in the context of NATO military exercise "Combined Endeavor 2005", which took place in Germany in middle May, as well as in the Fort Monmouth communication testing facilities of the United States Army. Consequently, upon request of the aforementioned, the WISPR system will be evaluated for use in United States Army vehicles. Furthermore, German BWB has conducted, under its own initiative, an evaluation on WISPR performance, with excellent results.

The International recognition of INTRACOM's capabilities is further attested by the first WISPR export achievement. Last month the system was selected as the communication platform of the ARTHUR Weapon Locating System, procured by the Czech Republic Ministry of Defense, thus launching the Company's export activity regarding intercommunication platforms while crowning its efforts towards the development of new innovative and technologically advanced products.

INTRACOM's Defense Sector Executive Director, Dr. George Troullinos stated: "We are significantly active in technologically advanced communication systems. The Hellenic Armed Forces have already deployed the WISPR technology in land and naval communication systems and prominent groups of companies abroad have expressed their interest for the incorporation of the company? s products in complex weapon systems, which signifies very good prospects for further acceleration of INTRACOM's exports and international presence".


Founded in 1977, listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1990 and included in the FTSE/ASE-20 LargeCap index, INTRACOM is the largest multinational Information & Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider in Greece. The company serves primarily the telecommunications, government, defense, and banking & enterprise business fields. INTRACOM Group's international activities, products and services reach the markets of 60 countries all over the world, focusing mainly on South-East Europe, while present in the EU, the Middle East, North Africa and the USA. INTRACOM has subsidiaries in 16 countries around the world. In 2004 the company invested 7-5% of its revenues in R&D activities, while operating state-of-the-art R & D labs allowing rapid prototype development and validation. 5,450-strong INTRACOM Group reached €620.4 mil. in sales and €43.1 mil. in profits before tax in 2004. International activities account for over 45% of the Group's annual turnover. In 2002, INTRACOM founded the Athens Information Technology (AIT), a non-profit educational and research center which cooperates with the internationally acclaimed Carnegie Mellon University of USA. INTRACOM's vision is to participate as a key international player in the modernization process of regional economies.