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Wednesday, 4 May 2005
Information Security is a managerial challenge and a leverage for growth for the modern enterprise

INTRACOM S.A., in collaboration with Athens Information Technology (AIT), organized a daily event for Information Security in AIT on Thursday 5th May 2005. The objective of the Event was to provide customers, organizations and partners with an update regarding technical & statutory developments in the field of Information Security. More than 80 executives attended the event, representing Banking institutions, Telecommunication organizations, Government agencies, Army organizations and Technology Integrators.

INTRACOM's initiative to organize this event, demonstrates the company's intention to lead the developments in the Information Security area and the application of appropriate technologies in Greece and the wider geographical region. Mr. Dimitris Plagiannis, General Manager, Banking and Enterprising Solutions commented: "Information security is a never ending "Risk Management" process. By analyzing international trends and the Information security related threats which, in today's digital technology era are rapidly increasing at the international level, it is obvious that information security is not only a matter of technology; it is rather a primary Management issue that requires the establishment of adequate preventive measures. The revolutionary developments resulting from the adoption of new technologies and the increasing use of IT in the business environment, underline the high priority for designing and adopting new information security systems based on international standards, best practices and proven technologies. Also in the Greek market, there is an imperative need to establish an effective business, technological & regulatory framework for managing Information Security, taking advantage of the latest methods and technologies that have evolved".

During the event, various speakers representing business, institutional and academic organizations, stressed the necessity of Information Security, presenting the latest international research findings and best practices adopted, as well as analyzing the multifaceted dimensions of modern technology and corporate actions required for effective management of risks.

The event's conclusions underlined the fact that Information Security is closely related to the viability and trustworthiness of the modern enterprise. Therefore, it constitutes a continuous process and a means to leverage competitive advantages. The majority of enterprises and organizations in Greece still act suppressively regarding information security, using either fragmentary mechanisms to restore and recover data and systems or implementing partial controls to enable compliance with current legislation, where such legislation is available.

International practices and today's business requirements confirm that the establishment of prevention procedures and the development of an Information Security Management framework, is the only way towards reduction of information security risks, while ensuring future business growth.

Effective prevention of information security risks is achieved by combining the implementation of an Information Security Management framework based on international standards with the establishment of compliance procedures, continuous audit of security policies, employee awareness, as well as adoption of appropriate technologies that implement the security policy of the enterprise, in a reliable manner.

With a strategic view in the field and consistently investing in the latest methods and technologies, INTRACOM S.A. today is amongst the largest implementers of Information Security projects in Greece, with specialized know-how and personnel certified according to international standards and methodologies of Information Security.


Founded in 1977, listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1990 and included in the FTSE/ASE-20 LargeCap index, INTRACOM is the largest multinational Information & Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider in Greece. The company serves primarily the telecommunications, government, defense, and banking & enterprise business fields. INTRACOM Group's international activities, products and services reach the markets of 60 countries all over the world, focusing mainly on South-East Europe, while present in the EU, the Middle East, North Africa and the USA. INTRACOM has subsidiaries in 16 countries around the world. In 2004 the company invested 5% of its revenues in R&D activities, while operating state-of-the-art R & D labs allowing rapid prototype development and validation. 5,450-strong INTRACOM Group reached €620.4 mil. in sales and €43.1 mil. in profits before tax in 2004. International activities account for over 45% of the Group's annual turnover. In 2002, INTRACOM founded the Athens Information Technology (AIT), a non-profit educational and research center which cooperates with the internationally acclaimed Carnegie Mellon University of USA. INTRACOM's vision is to participate as a key international player in the modernization process of regional economies.