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Thursday, 31 March 2005
European Union's Taxation and Customs Union General Directorate awarded a €12 M project, to INTRASOFT International

EU's Taxation and Customs Union DG, awarded to Intrasoft International, a member of INTRACOM Group, a framework project for the implementation of the "EMCS - Excise Movement Control System".

The EMCS project, budgeted at €12 M, concerns the handling throughout the EU of manufactured tobacco, alcohol and alcoholic beverages, and energy products. The contract's duration is three years and Intrasoft International is the sole contractor of the project.

In undertaking this project, Intrasoft International establishes its position as one of the key players in the field of e-customs services provision in Europe.

The overall objective of EMCS is to prevent fraud and evasion, as a result of cross-border cooperation between Customs and in particular through the exchange of information on "Excisable" products movements.

The purpose of the EMCS project is to produce the "Community components" i.e. the system specifications, which will be common for all EU member states, and all the related software applications. At the same time, EMCS will provide the necessary support services to the Member States, including consultancy on all Excise issues, training, on-site missions for providing expertise, helpdesk services for answering requests for information, etc.

The emerging benefits include the simplification of procedures for operators (e.g. alcohol producers or distributors) by standardizing and harmonizing the entailed business activities and information flows between these operators and the Customs.

EMCS is a highly visible and most critical project for the EU since it directly addresses the sensitive areas of the stabilization of the Member States' tax revenues, and the smooth functioning and development of the Internal Market.

About INTRASOFT International
INTRASOFT International, established in 1996, is a member of INTRACOM Group. INTRASOFT International is today established as one of the primary IT services providers in the European Union. The company has the expertise and ability of managing complex, large-scale IT projects as well as of implementing IT solutions. INTRASOFT International's customer list includes almost the entirety of EU Bodies, such as the European Central Bank, the European Parliament, the European Investment Bank, the European Audit Council, the European Court of Justice, the European Financial and Social Commission as well as the majority of the European Commission's General Directorates (DGs).

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