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Thursday, 17 March 2005
INTRACOM and DHIEL BGT DEFENSE Sign Contract for the New Air Force IRIS-T Air- to-Air Missile

On 11/03/2005, INTRACOM signed a contract worth 43,2 million Euro with the German company Dhiel BGT Defense (DBD) for the series production of the IRIS-T missile program, concerning the Power Supplies for the missile Guidance Section and Field Test Equipment.

The IRIS-T missile was developed by a six nation international cooperation and is a new, technologically pioneering short range air-to-air missile. The program is an example of a successful international industrial cooperation, in which Greece participates as an equal partner through the General Secretariat of Financial Planning and Defence Investments and the Hellenic Air Force, which has selected the IRIS-T missile in order to equip its combat aircraft.

Within the framework of the IRIS-T program INTRACOM undertook the complete development of the above mentioned units, as well as the telemetry sections, which incorporate state of the art technologies in the area of missile systems. Since the beginning of the program, INTRACOM has already successfully fulfilled development and Pilot lot production contracts, worth 13 million Euro and the developed prototypes have been successfully utilized in test fields.

The fulfillment of the armament needs of the Armed Forces through participation in similar international development programs assures the timely and economical procurement of modern, high tech weapon systems. Hellas' participation in the IRIS-T program lays the foundation for future involvement of Hellenic defense industries in international development programs with the prospect of reinforcing the role of the Hellenic defence industry, acquiring valuable know-how and secures cooperation's with large defence companies abroad.


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