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Wednesday, 16 March 2005
INTRACOM, ALCATEL and RAYTHEON Cooperation in Military Satellite Communications Systems

The Hellenic Satellite HellaSat has generated the ground for major new investments, which are required for the establishment of a dedicated communications infrastructure in Greece for both commercial and defense applications. This requirement presents a unique opportunity for the indigenous development of relevant technologies and the production of satellite communication systems. This opportunity is particularly beneficial to the local telecommunications industry, introducing the potential for long term presence in the field of satellite communications. In this framework INTRACOM, RAYTHEON and ALCATEL, have agreed to cooperate in the field of satellite communications systems to address potential emerging needs of the Hellenic Armed Forces.

ALCATEL has long standing experience in the field of both military and civilian satellite communications as the European leader in satellite communications systems and the leading supplier of space solutions to the French Ministry of Defense. The company plays a leading role in the fields of space applications, telecommunications, navigation, observation, environment, sciences, for civilian and defense applications as well as for space transportation.

"RAYTHEON is a government and defense electronics leader with significant experience in advanced communication technology and solutions. The company designs and produces communication systems that use military and commercial satellites for operations in demanding environments. RAYTHEON supplies military satellite communication terminals to the US Defense Department and several global customers."

INTRACOM is the largest high technology company in Greece with over 5300 employees worldwide. The company is engaged in both domestic and international business ventures and it develops products, provides services and undertakes complex, integrated advanced technology projects for civilian and military applications. INTRACOM has the ability to design, manufacture, integrate, install & support secure satellite communications systems, from single fixed point-to-point SCPC satellite links to multi-node dynamic satellite networks, offering secure transmission of digital data, telephony, video & internet over a variety of user terminals, including fixed & transportable satellite stations as well as man-packs, air-borne or ship-borne terminals. A number of associated products designed and produced by INTRACOM such as VSAT terminals "CRONOS", cryptographic equipment and wireless communications systems, are currently operational with the Hellenic Armed Forces while others such as Internet over Satellite - IoS, Satellite Content Distribution Systems, and Digital Satellite Communications Platform are in use by a variety of users around the world. The company's extensive international experience in advanced Network Management Systems and unique knowledge of the Hellenic telecommunications network ensures the proper implementation of complex satellite communications programs in accordance with the Hellenic National Security Standards.

INTRACOM currently employs over 500 skilled engineers and scientists in support of satellite systems, related technologies and programs. Additionally, in the frame of the above-mentioned activities, INTRACOM is cooperating with a number of other Hellenic companies utilizing to the full possible extent the capabilities of the local industry to the benefit of the Greek economy.

INTRACOM's networking experience, manufacturing capability and in-country presence, coupled with ALCATEL's satellite system design expertise and RAYTHEON's extensive knowledge with regard to specialized military satellite terminals and systems creates a highly competitive team to provide the best possible solutions based on leading edge technologies and extensive Hellenic Industrial participation.

This cooperation lays the foundation for further collaboration between the companies to other international projects, in pursue of market opportunities in areas of mutual interest.


Founded in 1977 and listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1990, INTRACOM is the largest integrated ICT services provider and electronics manufacturing industry in Greece, for Telecommunications, Public Administration, Banking & Enterprise, and Defense sectors. In 2004, the 5300-strong INTRACOM Group reached €620.4 mil in sales and €43.1 mil in profits before tax. Export sales account for over 45% of the company's annual turnover. INTRACOM products, solutions and services reach the markets of over 50 countries all over the world, focusing on the Balkans, the EU and Eastern Europe, as well as the USA, the Middle East, North Africa, the former republics of the USSR and Southeast Asia. The company also participates in the share capital of 22 companies worldwide, which constitute the INTRACOM Group. INTRACOM's vision is to participate as a key international player in the modernization process of regional economies.