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Wednesday, 2 February 2005
INTRACOM paving the way for the delivery of integrated data/voice/video services

INTRACOM, closely following all technological evolutions and proving once again its leadership and expertise in the field of telecommunications and information technology, recently featured a ground-breaking, innovative product to the international market: its Full Service Content Distribution Network (FS-CDN) platform.

FS-CDN is a feature-rich, fully integrated solution for delivering bundled data, voice and video (Triple-Play) services to subscribers. The FS-CDN offering is the outcome of a long and intensive research effort of more than 40 highly skilled engineers, for more than 2 years.

FS-CDN allows end users to access a plethora of value-added services, like watching their favourite TV show or movie on their TV set or computer monitor, while surfing the Internet at high-speed or conversing over the phone. All these services are provided over a unified platform, using a single high-bandwidth connection, at an unforeseen ease.

With FS-CDN, INTRACOM marks the beginning of a new era in the area of personalized entertainment and communication services delivery over broadband networks, changing once and for all the way we all access information and interact with each other.

The FS-CDN platform was very successfully introduced to the Greek market during CiscoExpo 2005, the two-day event organized by Cisco Systems for the third consecutive year on the 26th and 27th of January 2005 in Athens. The system was very successfully deployed during the event, covering the presentation needs of the show by delivering and displaying promotional video content.

INTRACOM, in producing own technology, focuses its research and development activities primarily on the development of worldwide innovative solutions and products, which are expected to cater for future business needs of organizations and businesses in new areas of state-of-the-art technology. Within the framework of researching and developing new high-technology products, INTRACOM, maintaining modern Research Labs, has participated -during the past five years- in more than 80 European research products (heading many of them). The company holds 16 patent certificates (from relevant European and international organizations), pending 12 more for which relevant applications have been submitted.