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Monday, 19 December 2005
Inauguration of Peania Technology Centre
An initiative part of INTRACOM's sponsorship program for the technological education and development of local communities

The inauguration ceremony of Peania Technology Centre was successfully conducted yesterday by General Secretary of Industry of the Ministry of Development, Mr. Spyros Papadopoulos.

The Centre is created by INTRACOM initiative in cooperation with the Municipality of Peania. This initiative is taking place within the framework of the company's wider investment program in actions enhancing technological education and development of communities.

More than 100 guests attended the inauguration ceremony, including government officials, members of Parliament, media representatives, local authorities, top executives from private companies and organizations of the public administration, as well as representatives of non-profit organizations.

The Centre is a modern information technology lab, fully equipped with computers, state-of-the-art software and Internet access, which is quartered at the Municipality's Cultural Centre. The Technology Centre will be conducting seminars on basic information technology programs, free of charge for Peania residents. Apart from creating and fully equipping the Centre, INTRACOM will enrich its activities by organizing lectures, job orientation presentations, while Athens Information Technology (??) will offer scholarships to excellent students of the region. AIT is a modern non-profit research and education center, established in 2001 by INTRACOM in cooperation with the internationally acclaimed Carnegie Mellon University of the USA and the University of Harvard, offering a series of post-graduate and adult training programs.

"Our vision is to contribute, through our products and services, to the modernization and advancement of communities. Nowadays, technology is the driving force of progress and development all over the world. Knowledge and IT literacy are directly linked to our country's development and competitiveness. As a high technology company, we would like to help as much as possible. Our objective is help as many people as possible get access to knowledge and IT, starting with the local communities we are active in. For us, this is an essential prerequisite in today's digital world", stated Mr. G. Deligiannis, INTRACOM CEO.

In addition, the following companies contributed to the creation of the Center through their products and services: Athens Information Technology, Hellas on Line, Hewlett Packard, Logitech, Microsoft, Sofland and Symantec companies, while Alpha television channel and PC Magazine are communication sponsors.


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