The UltraLink™ series of all-outdoor E-Band radios provide Multi-Gigabit/s capacities while improving network build time and cost compared to optical fiber deployment. They are designed to flexibly support massive data symmetrical transport and access applications, as well as, any demanding transport application in Ethernet-based networks. By offering market leading E-Band radio link ranges, Carrier Ethernet networking functionality and support of high accuracy synchronization, UltraLink™ radios optimize access and transport network economics.

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Key Characteristics

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5+ miles range

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Carrier Grade Ethernet Features Support

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3 Years Warranty

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Full Ethernet Layer QoS

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Unique Embedded Spectrum Analyzer for Link Fast Fading Monitoring

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Performance Guaranteed

  • The offer is limited to the USA and for orders placed until September 30, 2021.
  • The List includes: High Band TX and Low Band TX Outdoor Units, 10 Gbit/s Capacity Keys (UltraLink™-GX80 only), 3 Gbit/s Capacity Keys (UltraLink™-FX80 Compact Node only), Adaptive Rate Modulation Feature Keys, 10GE Port Enablement (UltraLink™-GX80 only), 3GE Port Enablement (UltraLink™-FX80 Compact Node only), 1' Direct Connect Antennas, Direct DC Power, Link monitoring feature and a 3-Year Global Warranty.

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