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Ultra Broadband Access

Home & Business Access at 5G speeds

Intracom Telecom’s advanced compact all-outdoor radios bring high-speed wireless access to any single family home or business and facilitate operator’s deployment to the greatest extent possible. New subscribers in the served areas can be added quickly and easily to expand the access network in the most cost-effective manner.

Wireless Transmission

5G/4G Backhaul & Fronthaul

UltraLink™’s innovative E-Band radios are designed to improve network economics and provide the ultra-capacities demanded by 5G backhaul & fronthaul applications.

OmniBAS™ is a pioneering multi-Gigabit smart microwave portfolio of compact and nodal IDUs, combined with slim ODUs and all-outdoor radios (OmniBAS™-BX) offers market-leading modulations (4096-QAM) in channels up to 112 MHz and sophisticated traffic transport optimization mechanisms. For converged 4G/5G HetNets backhaul & aggregation, with MPLS/IP stack onboard the radio.

Wireless Transmission

5G/4G Small-Cell SON Backhaul

StreetNode™, an innovative wireless transmission platform employing pioneering technologies, operates in licensed (26/28/32/42GHz) or unlicensed (60GHz) spectrum to fulfill any demanding requirement with regard to capacity, range and availability of the small-cell backhaul network, delivering best-in-class connectivity at street level. Signature feature the auto-alignment of the radios, for optimum TCO.

UltraLink™-FX80 is based on the latest mmWave transceiver technologies to offer significant system gain improvement and enable industry-leading link range at maximum capacity. Its capacity, low latency and support of all packet synchronization options fully satisfy the rigorous backhaul requirements of advanced mobile broadband technologies, while benefiting from all dimensions and multiple antenna and powering options, UltraLink™-FX80 can be deployed on rooftops, telecommunication towers, as well as, street-level lamp-posts.

Telco Software - Disruptive Solutions

Cross-domain Configuration

The Service Provider’s landscape where multiple technologies, topologies, service types and vendors coexist, poses disproportionate challenges in managing the configuration centrally, uniformly and thus efficiently. uni|MS™, redefines multivendor management, in a variety of applications that span across the Wireless Access, Transport and IoT domains.

Telco Software - Disruptive Solutions

Virtualized Wi-Fi Services

Intracom Telecom’s Virtualized Wi-Fi Services Platform, leverages the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) architectures, enabling operators to better utilize and share network resources, physical or virtual. Moreover, NFV Accelerator, Intracom Telecom’s Service Assurance tool, boosts and guarantees performance of Virtual Network Functions to carrier-grade levels.

Telco Software - Disruptive Solutions

Big Data Analytics

BigStreamer™, Intracom Telecom’s Big Data and Complex Event Processing solution, empowers Service Providers, Utilities and Enterprises to gain competitive advantage by combining data analytics intelligence with real-time actions. With the use of advanced Machine Learning algorithms, Intracom Telecom’s Data Scientists team enable customers realize innovative use cases.

Telco Software - Disruptive Solutions

Network Artificial Intelligence

BigStreamer™ utilizes Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis algorithms for predictive maintenance actions, maintenance time windows selection for revenue loss & service disruption minimization, incident forecasting and analysis of expected business or network impact.

Telco Software - Disruptive Solutions

Digital Content Services

Service Providers, from Telecom to Hotel Operators to MDU managers, are evolving into VAS providers, in order to boost ARPU and win market share. fs|cdn™ Anywhere multi-screen digital video platform enables smart & secure delivery of live TV, restart TV and network DVR over wired and wireless networks, increasing revenue, while also generating new business opportunities. By incorporating all modules required for digital content acquisition, encryption, distribution, reception, as well as usage analytics, fs|cdn™ Anywhere enables subscribers to have access to a plethora of exciting content services, while our strategic partnerships with hosted service providers offer a one-stop-shop for launching compelling video services in minimal time to market. The fs|cdn™ Anywhere platform has been deployed to over 40 Telco & Hybrid Cable Operators in N. America through Intracom Telecom's regional subsidiary. Conklin-Intracom.

Smart City & IoT

IoT Management & Enablement

Intracom Telecom Unified IoT Orchestration platform (uiTOP™) implements an horizontal IoT layer enabling management and control of Intelligent Things from different vertical domains such as Smart Lighting, Smart Parking, Waste Management and Noise Monitoring (in the context of the Smart City), Smart Home, Smart Health, Transport, Logistics, Energy and Utilities. uiTOP™ leverages powerful open APIs enabling the communication with a wide range of sensors and devices as well as the creation and hosting of smart applications.

Smart City & IoT

Smart City / Energy Solutions

Intracom Telecom's comprehensive Smart City solution delivers services such as smart lighting, waste management, smart parking, traffic flow monitoring, sound and environmental monitoring supporting cities to save energy, reduce carbon footprint, improve quality of life and generate new revenue streams for the city. Company's enhanced solution portfolio includes Smart homes with IoT applications that provide automation of everyday home routine and serve multiple needs while its Connected cars solution provides insights of driver’s behavior which improve car safety, and support new business models through big data analytics.

Intracom Telecom also addresses the Energy & Utilities industry, emphasizing on smart metering and end-to-end IT solutions that cater for the Smart City necessities.

Smart City & IoT

Monetization Solutions

Intracom Telecom’s real-time Revenue Management solution, NGINius-Charging™, enables SPs to fully address their monetization and customer management challenges, while it readily serves all new and legacy business models. This powerful real-time solution is flexibly adjusted to address, apart from telecom services, various industry verticals including IoT, transportation and utilities, all coupled with company’s strong network & backend integration capabilities.


Antenna Systems

The Group develops a complete range of microwave and millimeter-wave, satellite and special-purpose antennas, designed and manufactured in-house, which support any demanding application requiring wireless links of the highest performance.

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