Redefining Network Management!

Currently, carriers face several challenges - plethora of technologies, convergence of networks and the ever-increasing demand for complex services - and seek for an all-in-one solution to replace existing management silos efficiently and cost-effectively.

The uni|MS™ Unified Management Suite is a state-of-the-art solution for supervising and managing modern telecommunication networks. It is a carrier-class multi-technology Element, Network and Service Management platform supporting off-the- shelf all Intracom Telecom wireless and wireline products. Third-party network elements can be managed through element mediation drivers that can be developed as a service.

uni|MS™ unifies the management of access and transport networks, improving user experience, lowering OpEx and improving efficiency. Integrated multi-domain Fault & Performance management and Service Provisioning are carried out through a powerful and intuitive user interface that personalizes user workspace and adapts to user needs.

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  • All-in-one solution replacing management silos.
  • Faster alarm localization and troubleshooting resulting in shorter service restoration time.
  • Fast service deployment.
  • Compatibility with any hardware and OS.
  • No need for third-party license fees.
  • Management of thousands of NEs from a single server.
  • Leading reliability and high availability.
  • Fast integration with umbrella NMS/OSS systems.
  • Short learning curve for users.
  • More efficient daily routines and operations.

Unified Management Design

  • Customizable desktop - based on Perspectives - allows you to:
    • Best adapt visible workspace at run time.
    • View any combination of reports on a single screen.
    • Navigate through tree, map or photorealistic view.
    • Drag-n-drop containers and tabs.
  • Network modeling allows creating a hierarchy of geographical and administrative domains that are displayed in the network topology and can be used to execute domain-wide actions.
  • Comprehensive reports for Inventory / Status / Alarms / Configuration / Performance with advanced filtering and integrated user-customizable graph generation tool.
  • Real-time network monitoring through graphical topology and interactive photorealistic equipment views.
  • Low-cost hardware (Servers / PCs).
Wireless Backhaul Management Corporate Access Management Rural Accss Management
  • Unified management of a slew of MW transport technologies:
    • Legacy Point-to-Point (PtP)
    • Hybrid PtP or Packet PtP
    • Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP)
  • End-to-end service provisioning and QoS assurance, providing the same OAM experience as with traditional SDH and MSTP networks.
  • End-to-end service & resource performance monitoring for packet-based services & legacy TDM/ATM services delivered with Pseudowire technology.
  • Integration of PtMP and PtP MW systems.
  • Monitoring of provisioned capacity and air resources utilization to enable network capacity planning and expansion, as well as to manage customer experience.
  • Monitoring of customer SLAs (such as link availability and total availability).
  • Detection of rain fade and interference to notify important customers for outages.
  • Integrated management of mobile broadband and fixed broadband networks.
  • Support of a large subscriber base with multi-service requirements in long-range transmission applications.
  • End-to-end service provisioning and QoS assurance over a variety of network topologies and technologies.