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Customer-centric Innovation!

Currently, service providers need to maintain existing Intelligent Network (IN) services and also develop new value-added services. Telecom operators are under pressure to offer new services to the market and maximize the usage of IN platforms.

New Generation IN (NG IN) is one of the most eagerly-anticipated changes in telcos, posing unique challenges for both operators and service providers. NGINius-Apps™, the NG IN solution from INTRACOM TELECOM, optimally address these challenges and allows service providers to offer advanced voice and data services over multiple networks, giving users the perception of a single, unified network. The offered solution combines best-of-breed, carrier-grade HP OpenCall platforms with robust innovative NGIN applications developed by INTRACOM TELECOM.

Since 2001, when a strategic partnership with HP was established, INTRACOM TELECOM has been given multiple times the "HP Partner of the Year" Award for its excellence in partnership commitment, sales, customer support, building of innovative solutions, and development of solutions on top of HP OpenCall.

Today, INTRACOM TELECOM offers a wide range of New Generation IN applications covering all operator needs in several domains, including:

  • Intelligent Enterprise Communications
  • Call Completion & Messaging
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Location & Personalization
  • Roaming

INTRACOM TELECOM, manned with a dynamic team of IT and telecom professionals, has the capabilities to design and deploy any turnkey NG IN project.


INTRACOM TELECOM's NGINius-Apps™ have carefully been designed to offer:

A Clear Value Proposition
  • Personalized, sophisticated NGIN applications, allowing operators to differentiate from the competition.
  • Field-proven – fast and easy integration into a multi-vendor network infrastructure.
  • Significant time-to-market reduction, as compared to legacy IN solutions – faster development & customization.
  • Smooth and rapid integration into the OSS / BSS infrastructure – open to third-party applications and charging systems.
  • Enabling service orchestration among NG IN and/or external applications (VAS / IN / Charging / Multimedia).
Significant Cost Benefits
  • Significantly lower CapEx & OpEx as compared to legacy systems – a result of the adoption of new technologies.
  • Flexible pricing schemes, pay-as-you-grow licensing.
  • Bundling functions and features to consolidate applications and creating low-cost solutions.
High Capabilities
  • Vast expertise gained from the deployment and support of turnkey IN projects in wireline, wireless and NG networks.
  • Domain experts' development teams employing modern software development practices and with extensive experience in building IN and charging applications.
  • High-performance in-house lab facilities accommodating best-of-breed technology equipment.
Excellence in Project Deployment
  • The deployment of applications and solutions take into account the following key service delivery factors:
    • Uninterrupted systems operation.
    • Business continuity.
    • Minimum downtime.
  • Experienced professional teams ensuring rapid applications deployment on time and on budget.
  • Extensive use of project management certified processes and tools.
  • System integration, consultancy and project management services.
  • Delivery of technical support services.

INTRACOM TELECOM has developed a wide range of state-of-the-art NG IN applications for Intelligent Enterprise Communications, Call Completion & Messaging, Intelligent Routing, Location & Personalization, Roaming. All these applications are described below:

Intelligent Routing
Application Description
Flexible Call Routing (FCR)

FCR is a suite of applications addressing the multi-network environment needs.

The FCR provides quality value added services for large corporate offices, commercial companies/organizations which need good communications with their users, customers and supporters. The FCR suite includes the following services:

  • FreePhone (FPH) service enables the provision of charge-free access to specific numbers. By using reverse charging, the provider is charged for the full cost of the call.
  • Premium Rate (PRM) service allows the provision of information over the telephone line at a higher charging rate than the rate of a normal call. For every PRM call, part of the call charge is paid to the service provider, thus enabling businesses to be funded via the calls. Examples of such services are weather forecast, technical support, horoscopes, etc.
  • Universal Access Number (UAN) service allows a service or business provider with several terminating lines to be reached through a unique universal number.
Intelligent Voting (iVOT)

iVOT facilitates the holding of competitions and voting events usually organized by TV / radio stations or market research organizations. Such companies can take advantage of the service's flexibility to customize the voting process according to the requirements of the specific event.

NG Quality & Cost (NG-QCR)

Operators are enabled to implement advanced call routing techniques like Least-Cost Routing, Quality based Routing, profile (VIP) based routing.

Number Portability (NP)

Number portability is a legal liability for telecom regulators in most markets worldwide. Users are enabled to hold their telephone numbers in the event of switching to a different service provider. The application implements the necessary logic and interfaces, as defined in the NP (IP and PSTN) and MNP standards, while it can simultaneously serve mobile and fixed networks.

Sponsored Call (SC)

The SC application offers an alternative promotion option for companies wishing to be advertised. The promoted company undertakes a part of the call cost in case the user (caller) accepts to listen to an advertisement before a call is established. The advertisements could be based on the location of the user, demographics data, B-number, etc.

Location & Personalization
Application Description
Home/Office Zone (HoZ)

Mobile users - prepaid or postpaid - are enticed to enjoy special voice / SMS / data and/or charging features at their home or office location. When located elsewhere, users are charged as usual. This location-based application can provide fixed to mobile substitution features in the home / office area. VPN users can also take benefit from this service/module.

Multi-SIM (m-SIM)

Mobile subscribers are enabled to use multiple SIM cards while keeping the same MSISDN. One SIM card needs to be registered as "master". Any additional SIM card will be registered as "slave". Subscribers can configure the service behavior (i.e. how to receive voice calls / SMS /MMS / data) depending on the SIM they are using.

Advanced Access Control (ACES), Personal number

Personalized Screening Lists:

Using an advanced control mechanism, ACES provides the ability to the user to allow or bar access from/to a specific number, number ranges or Telco services. ACES comes with a large number of features providing personilization as well as advanced functionality and flexibility.

Call Completion & Messaging
Application Description
Missed Call Alert (MCA)

MCA informs a user for all incoming call attempts received when he was not available to take the call or busy or not reachable.

Collect Call,SMS (CC)

Collect Call, SMS allows a calling user to make a call or send SMS and the receiving party to pay the cost of the call or SMS. Prior to connection the Called party or the recipient of the SMS is asked for approval.

Notify Me

Notify Me service, allows subscribers to reach their desired party without endless redials. This service notifies the calling party that the called subscriber is available and can answer the call.

Roamer CallBack

Roamer CallBack enables Telco Operators to offer to their subscribers, the possibility to make inexpensive calls automatically or by sending a USSD code including the called number.

Virtual Home Environment (VHE)

VHE provides facilities to inbound roamers, enabling operators to attract and retain high-end customers for increasing international roaming traffic and generating roaming revenues. Mobile roamers - prepaid or postpaid - are enabled to access the short codes of their home network without having to dial long and difficult-to remember prefixes.

Welcome SMS

Welcome SMS provides operators with a quick and cost effective way to communicate tariff related information, short code dialling information, active promotions and bonuses, new product offerings or any other type of information to inbound roamers. In addition, the service allows the home operator to send information to outbound roamers regarding the country, the network they are roaming in or any other type of information that would be beneficial to travellers such as use of mobile phones when roaming.

Intelligent Enterprise Communications
Application Description
Convergent VPN

VPN is a convergent network application providing a secure private network connection built on top of the publicly accessible telecommunications infrastructure. VPN members can access the service through PSTN, PLMN and IMS networks.


VPN@OfficeZone allows to use the VPN functionality and to enjoy special tariffs and advanced features only when users are located in a pre-defined zone (Home or office Zone).

Virtual PBX-Wireless Office

Virtual PBX provides a solution for all communication needs, in-office or out-of-office. It exploits the capabilities of the telco networks by introducing fixed / mobile / IP convergence through mobile, fixed and IP extensions.

Virtual PBX allows multiple enterprises to leverage the features of traditional PBX solutions, without the associated expense of owning and managing a dedicated, premises-based solution. Virtual PBX allows operators to deliver PBX services to mobile and fixed customers.

Technical Description

All the NG IN applications made available from INTRACOM TELECOM have been developed on top of the HP Opencall suite of platforms.

HP OpenCall is a family of leading, standard-based telecom platforms that are cost-effective, carrier-grade, while supporting multi-networks / services.

The OpenCall Convergent Communication Platform (OCCP) is a federating platform, which provides access to network elements and service enablers, and facilitates their control. This platform can also be used as a service controller for PSTN, 2.5G / 3G networks, or as an Application Server (AS) in IMS. OCCP offers a Java-based service execution environment capable to host the service logic.

The OpenCall Media Platform (OCMP) is a scalable, carrier-grade IP multimedia server and a MRF (Media Resource Function), enabling rapid development and deployment of audio and video services for IVR, multimedia portals, multimedia messaging, conferencing and other advanced multimedia applications.

The figure below depicts the NG IN solution's software modules developed by INTRACOM TELECOM, as well as the main components of HP's OCCP & OCMP platforms:


NGIN architecture

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