Network Engineers

Research Engineer, Networks and Services

Generic Profile
Job Role:

Our engineers in research and development look into technologies that could change how network operators interact with users, applications, and one another. As a research engineer, you work on a small team and can switch projects as we grow and diversify. We need our engineers to be versatile and independent, ready to absorb new knowledge and to tackle complex and interesting problems as technology evolves. With your technical expertise you handle individual projects priorities, deadlines and deliverables.

  • Design and implement experimental networking systems and network applications.
  • Configure, deploy, maintain, and use software engineering tools.
  • Investigate new networking technologies and existing systems and make recommendations.
  • Lead or contribute to technical reports and deliver technical presentations.
  • Collaborate with technical teams or individuals of various backgrounds across Europe.
Candidate Profile
Required Skills
  • MSc degree in Computer Science or related technical field.
  • Programming experience in Java, Python, or C++.
  • Knowledge of networking.
  • Good command of English.
  • Fulfilled military obligations, where applicable.
Desired Skills
  • Experience in building networking systems or distributed applications.
  • Knowledge of the software development lifecycle and associated tools (version control, issue tracking, etc.).
  • Solid foundation in the Internet ecosystem, protocols, routing, traffic differentiation, QoS, and network management.
  • Specialist domains (one or more of the following): Content Delivery Networks, Network Function Virtualization, Software-Defined Networking, Information-Centric Networking, Cloud computing, Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine communications, network security.
  • Record of technical reports and presentations in English.
Personal characteristics
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Motivated to learn new technologies and investigate solutions
  • Agile practitioner with excellent command of English language
  • Team player able to represent the team in an international environment

INTRACOM TELECOM SOLUTIONS provides an excellent working environment which encourages team spirit, cooperation and continuous learning, in which the career prospects depend on each employee's performance. Remuneration is competitive and aligned with the company's credo "our competitive advantage is our human capital".

Education and continuous personal improvement constitute major priorities for the company to keep abreast with the technology evolution and maintain the high growth rate and its strategic position.

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